Wanna Go Window Shopping Sitting At Your Home? Try Sweet Couch


Wanna Go Window Shopping Sitting At Your Home? Try Sweet Couch

Window shopping is something all of us like to do at some point of time, just browsing through the shop windows until you find something you like. Glancing through beautiful products being the main aim rather than buying. Imagine going window shopping on the Internet, looking at different e-tailers and selected products on their site?  Now you can that with Sweet Couch, a Mumbai based startup, providing e-tailers a platform to showcase their products.

The portal intends to brings the concept of window shopping to you on the web. You can now browse through hundred of products from various e-tailers on the web. You can buy them right at that instance or save them in your shopping list.

The social shopping experience on the website, has been developed built by a community of shoppers comprising of shopping enthusiasts. Each displayed item comes with an option to buy now, to be saved on a wish list or the shoppers can share desired items with their friends through Facebook or Google+.Sweetcouch

All the products displayed on the website are picked by other community users using a bookmarklet plugin called shop-picker. The plugin sits on your browser’s bookmark bar and enables you to keep collecting things as you hop from one online shop to another. The bookmark plugin is available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

The website has a pinterest like layout, making the browsing experience very easy. You can sign in using your Google+ or Facebook id and browse through the products by just scrolling down and new items will keep loading. On hovering over a product, you are given the option to buy it or add it to a your list. The portal does not sell any of the items listed directly instead redirects you to the retailer when you buy. The portal acts as a window for various e-tailers to display their products online.

The website curates a variety of products ranging from clothing to food stuff.

Jayshree Nayak, who handles content and user engagement at the startup said, “Currently we have more than 80,000 active users per month. Right now we are focussing on user engagement and more and more users liking our offering.”

The portal also has a service for e-tailers through which you can submit your catalogue to be displayed on the website, this service is done free of cost.

e-tailers can showcase as many products as they want. “We do not take any commission or affiliate money if someone buys through us. We aim to give a level playing field to all shops – accepting money for listing will defeat that purpose,” Nayak said.

We had recently covered Wooplr, a pinterest styled website that lets you share and discover shopping finds in fashion and other categories that you could share with friends, organise in a list or follow influencers and others who you think know the current trends.

Another interesting startup we recently covered in the same space is Scrapehere. The service lets users create item lists which they can later populate with products found on various e-tailer portals using a browser bookmark. They can then set attributes, like price of the product and later share the lists with friends online and get feedback before buying.

You can visit the mobile version of Sweet Couch here.

With a number of such curated e-shopping web sites, what features do you think will attract more users towards them? And will you actually have time to browse through a curated site or visit the e-tailer site directly to make the purchase?

 Give Sweet Couch a spin and let us know about the experience.

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