Swiftkey’s New Clarity Keyboard Doesn’t Bug You With Word Suggestions

Swiftkey, the makers of one of the most popular third-party Android keyboards, has outed a new experimental keyboard app called Clarity.
Swiftkey’s predictive typing feature is what boosted its popularity, but Clarity sort of goes back to the basics correcting you as you type in the background.
The idea behind Clarity is that users can focus on what they’re typing and nothing else, without having to stop to hit word suggestions.
The beta app features multi-word autocorrect – it checks the last few words a user has typed and corrects them retrospectively.
Undoing autocorrections is simpler – hitting back space undoes any changes the app has made to what a user typed in.
Like Swiftkey, the new keyboard is smart enough to learn your slang, nicknames and phrases you use often.
Clarity is an experimental app that the company has pushed out to gather feedback and test ideas the company has about the way people type.
The app is currently available for Android smartphones via the Google Playstore, however the company hasn’t announced when or if ever it would come to the iPhone.

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