Swiftkey Sticks To The Freemium Model For Its iOS Predictive Keyboard

Swiftkey brought its keyboard over to Apple devices with the launch of iOS 8, but only now has the company finally made a move to monetize its offering.


Taking a cue from its Android counterpart, Swiftkey for the iPhone and iPad now has a theme store with 12 premium skins that sell for between $0.99 and $1.99.

Swiftkey, which is one of the most popular third-party keyboard apps on Android, moved to a freemium model last June dropping its $3.99 price tag. Further, the keyboard made the long-awaited jump to iOS in September when Apple finally opened up to third-parties.

With iOS, the app has so far remained absolutely free, with no fees or in-app purchases. However, gauging the success of the freemium model on Android, it seems that the company has gone in for the same when it came to iOS.

The big difference between themes for Android and iOS are the availability of animated designs for the latter. It should be noted that this isn’t the first time Swiftkey is making a foray into animated themes, with the Disney-branded theme for Android last year.

When it comes to iOS, the company has so far not divulged on any details about branded themes, which is yet another route for monetization.

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