Now type in Hindi and Hinglish on your Android phone [SwiftKey adds 9 new languages]

SwiftKey, the keyboard replacement app for Android devices has launched support for Hindi and Hinglish on Thursday. The keyboard now supports 54 different languages along with newly added languages such as Irish, Armenian, Georgian, Spanish and Tagalog. Swiftkey

Both the smartphone and tablet version of SwitfKey will be on sale at half price on Google Play to mark the launch, the company said.

The 3.1 release includes a seasonal new theme color, “Berry”, as well as bug fixes. Hindi and Hinglish, were produced by analyzing and filtering content from sources such as the .in web domain in India.

Users can personalise SwiftKey by syncing it with their Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog presences. Indian users of the popular app have been asking for Indic language support for a long time now. Another popular demand is to add Bengali, a language which has more than 200 million speakers.

In July, Swype, another keyboard replacement app, announced that it will support Hindi. With Swype, users can glaze over the screen connecting alphabets that make up a word instead of punching each alphabet key. Swype was bought over by Nuance Communications for over $100 million in October last year.

Lack of Indic keyboards has been one of the major problems Indian languages on an English dominated web. While a large portion of the first 100 million Internet users in India are English speakers, the next 200 million users are expected to be more comfortable with Indian languages.

It was tough to incorporate Indic languages on keyboards when we had phones with physical keyboards, these days, its become easier with touch enabled smartphones.

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