Swiss Alps- Now a Blockchain-valley, with energy-saving cubes

All the volatility and hype around crypto-currencies conveniently miss alarms like – the minimum current usage of the Bitcoin network (2.55 gigawatts i.e. as much electricity as Ireland) could translate into half of a per cent of the world’s total consumption by the end of the year (As Alex de Vries, from the Experience Center of PwC in the Netherlands cautions). But such warnings did not fall on deaf ears in Switzerland for sure.

Wake up to a new concept from Swiss Alps Energy (SAE) to leverage unused premises sprawled across the Swiss Alps for turning mining both cost-friendly and eco-friendly.
With Swiss Alps Mining (SAM) cubes, SAE has unveiled sophisticated, easy-to-install, low-maintenance and pre-fabricated modular systems (that also run automatically) for enabling mining in empty buildings across the Swiss Alps. The aim is to save energy and make the mining process up to 50 per cent more profitable thanks to easier energy recovery, favourable weather conditions and heat-recycling potential with Innovative Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system.
Someone had to think of this. Merci Vielmal!