SwitchIdea : Social recruitment meets virtual cards

We have covered quite a few startups working on social recruitment channel (ValueHire, InterviewMaster, MyParichay) and while they have mostly focused on using Facebook to bridge the gap between employer and candidate, SwitchIdea takes the idea a step ahead and has launched vCards, i.e. virtual card which contains the primary details of an individual. These details are the individual’s education, skills, employment history, portfolio and his/her social accounts.

Is there a big deal in vCards? Actually not. But if you look at it from overall product point of view, it does make a lot of sense. SwitchIdea isn’t building a 1-sided social recruitment platform (most of the others tend to mine candidate data/use mechanism like social referral to get candidates etc) and the key in this entire concept is to seed candidates also. Each vCard has a permalink that can be shared with employer/friends etc (downloaded as pdf)- i.e. a feature that consolidates one’s social identity/resume and will be used by candidates to showcase their professional identity to the world.

SwitchIdea: How it works.

SwitchIdea : how it works
SwitchIdea : How it works

Once an employer creates a new job posting (and adds job keywords), SwitchIdea will notify users who have these keywords (specified by you) on their vCards via their social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+).

Started by 20 year old Niranjan Yadav, SwitchIdea is a nice concept that could bridge the gap between employers and candidates in a more social way (and importantly, can be scaled to freelancer model as well). The product is absolutely free to use – so give it a shot and share your comments.

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