Google Launches Cloud Connect Plugin- Sync Microsoft Office Documents with Google Apps Account

Google has made the Cloud Connect plugin available to all Microsoft Office users and the tool lets you take the most important step in transitioning from desktop to cloud – sync MS office files with your Google apps account.

Lately, most of my work related documents are stored in the cloud, though  I use desktop software for creation. And in few instances, Internet serves as a data source (and desktop as storage for offline reading, like RSS feed reader)

what I need is better sync and have resorted to desktop more than cloud. Having said that, my source of data will still be on the cloud, but I will be using more of desktop and syncing software. [Real Time Web and Productivity – Till Death Do us Apart]

Google Cloud plugin provides the much needed sync service (works with MS office products only) that syncs your files with your Google apps account and over a period of time, build more trust in Cloud.


The plugin adds simultaneous collaboration, revision history, cloud sync, unique URLs and simple sharing to the Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications and is currently available only for Windows.

I tried out the product and while it worked flawlessly for basic documents, the plugin starts to misbehave with complex documents (i.e. pictures/tables) – and eventually one has to forcefully kill the process.

Very recently, Google docs announced support for newer file formats (EPS/PSD/AI/SVG etc) and Cloud sync utility makes the entire Google suite closer to the launch of “G Drive”.

What’s your take?

Watch this demo video

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