SYSKA launches smart lights that work with Amazon Alexa (Just say: Alexa, start my day)

Just Ask – “Alexa, switch on SYSKA bulb for me”

Now you can control your smart lights with voice. Once synced with Echo Dot or Echo or Echo Plus, SYSKA Smartlights can easily respond to the voice commands given by the user.
You can also setup routines such as “Alexa, start my day”, so that your one command can trigger multiple actions by Alexa from switching on your bedroom and bathroom lights to turning on your water heater.
To make it more convenient for you, SYSKA gives you the light grouping feature where you can make a group of all the light units that are present in a particular room and name the group (for Eg: bedroom lights) and voila just by saying, Alexa switch on bedroom lights, all your lights in that bedroom will be switched on.

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