T9 Nav – Find Anything in your Phone

T9 Nav is solving one of the biggest painpoint for all ye mobile users – that of searching a menu/command/contact etc. using the default keypad.

Sometimes knowing where something is located on your phone is the hardest part! But T9 Nav makes finding what you want as easy as A-B-C

The T9 Nav client is a mobile search application that provides a quick way to open the menu,

applications and content you want without needing to navigate through menus and options. Similar to the predictive text function available with text messaging, T9Nav allows you to simply type the first few letters or numbers for your search, and then a list of potential matches will appear.

For e.g. to search for Bluetooth menu, type in B L U E (or 2 5 8 3) and Bluetooth shows up in your list of results.

T9 is currently under private beta and has been developed by Nuance Communications, leader in speech and image recognition solution.

It’s currently available for Symbian S60 3rd edition phones, i.e. N73, N72, N95 , N71, N80, N93, 5500 Sport 5700 and N76.

Do give T9Nav a spin and share your comments.

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