Tablet sales in India: Micromax beats Samsung and Apple [Q2, 2012]

Quite a surprise, but in terms of unit shipment sales, Micromax has beaten Samsung and Apple in terms of unit sales of tablet devices in India.

India Tablet Market sales (unit shipments) touched 0.55 million units in 2Q 2012 recording a QoQ increase of 59% and YoY increase of 673% (as per report by Cybermedia Research).

In the overall India tablets market, Micromax leads with 18.4% share, followed by Samsung at second position with 13.3% and Apple at third position with 12.3%, in terms of sales (unit shipments) during the 2Q 2012.

Close to 90 vendors launched their tablets till 2Q 2012.The ASV of the tablets in 2Q 2012 has dropped to little above INR 13,000 from INR 26,000 in 1Q 2012, as a majority of vendors in early 2012 launched their products in the INR 5,000-10,000 price range.

The increase in shipments mainly due to entry of new tablet vendors and introduction of offerings from existing vendors at low to medium price points; and importantly, bundling of content targeted towards a growing segment (read : Slates to Tablets: Bundled content sends Indian schools on a digital quest).

Importantly, companies like Micromax have also started focusing on providing local language support (e.g. Reverie integration), which others like Samsung will take time to incorporate (owing to global/local product fragmentation issues).

Like the way Micromax revolutionized dual sim market, do you think tablets for targeted segments/bundled content will be a big deal for the company?

Do you think Indian OEMs are better off skipping the early adopter market (think Apple users) and reach out directly to mass market with innovative features and aggressive marketing?

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