[Overhyped] Indians on Tablet Spree. 14Lakh Aakash Tablets Pre-booked, RIM Sells 12000 Playbooks

If 2011 was the year of smartphones, 2012 is surely turning into a year of tablets for the Indian market. The much-hyped Aakash tablet’s pre-booking orders have crossed 14 lakh…

If 2011 was the year of smartphones, 2012 is surely turning into a year of tablets for the Indian market. aakash_tablet

The much-hyped Aakash tablet’s pre-booking orders have crossed 14 lakh units and reports suggests that the INR 2,500/ priced tablet received almost 1 lakh pre-booking orders a day (since the company started accepting online pre-booking orders). While Indian media and the copy/paste bloggers have gone crazy with these numbers, an important point to keep in mind is that the online booking from the official site, i.e. http://www.akashtablet.com/ or http://www.ubislate.com/ needs only your name/email id and address to be considered a ‘successful pre-booking’.

That is,it is pre-ordering without any commitment to actually buy the device (no advance payment) – and that’s where you need to take the 14 Lakh number in the right context (reminds me of brainless stunt by Nokia India to sell its 500 millionth device).

In that context (of pre-booking), 14 lakh doesn’t really sound like a great number assuming 50% (at maximum) will have the actual intent to buy the device (one more thing: the booking form should have at least implemented de-duplication of email ids).

Note to ToI/ET Journo: Stop comparing iPad sales (of 10 lakh iPads in 28 days) to free pre-booking orders of Akash tablet. It’s the worst case of cooking vanity numbers.

RIM Sells 12,000 Playbooks

RIM slashed the price of its tablet, Playbook by 50% in India and as per this report, the company sold more than 12,000 devices in just four days.

Good sign or bad? Well, maybe that’s the real value of Blackberry’s Playbook tablet and time they stop competing with iPad and instead focus on building cheaper/affordable tablets.

Note to RIM: Get more ambitious. Steve Jobs would have fired all his sales team for such a poor performance.

iPad Mandatory for Students

In a recent circular, Mumabai’s Podar International School management informed parents that it has decided to introduce iPad2 in classrooms from the next academic year. While some parents welcomed the move, others feel the fancy tablet is not feasible for children.

The circular states, “We are pleased to announce that the decision taken by the school management of using Apple iPad2 in the classroom by the students has been welcomed by the parent community. Parents now have the choice of either purchasing the iPad2 from the school on an outright basis or avail of a finance scheme on offer. You also need to indicate if the iPad2 will be purchased by you on your own. You are requested to mark your choice… to take further steps to initiate the process and negotiate the bulk order purchase.”

Note to school: For a change, shall we focus on ‘creators’?

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Is tablet revolution for real or we are way too doctored into believing that tablets will actually help improve education system. Isn’t tablet a media consumption device and not a creation device?

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