Tablets Sellers On Ebay Still Have Lots To Cover [NextBigWhat Ecommerce Insights]

Like we unraveled the Mobile category at Ebay in our previous report, in this report we are looking at Tablets category on Ebay.

Like we unraveled the Mobile category at Ebay in our previous report, in this report we are looking at Tablets category on Ebay. We examined this category using data source from FindYogi Tablets. There are sellers on Ebay who use this platform as classified listing platform and sell items that they received in gifts or complimentary with their other purchases. We have tried our best to exclude such sellers from this analysis. Only new products that are under manufacturer warranty and available as on 4th Week of April 2014 is considered in this report.

  • Ebay has 161 sellers under this category. These sellers could also be selling products under other categories as well.
  • They have 191 SKUs in this category. Different color variants of same product are considered as single SKU here.
  • They have 710 offers under these 191 SKUs.
  • Important point to note here is that there could be multiple offers under single SKU; hence SKUs become the base for our standardization of the data.

Catalogue Size of Sellers for Tablet Category

A marketplace functions like any shopping mall, where you have many sellers offering you variety and affordable price. The art here is to entice customers to choose and buy products from a vast variety by creating the need. Hence catalogue size matters a lot when it comes to decision changing techniques. We have total SKUs and offers, let’s see how catalogue size of individual sellers under this category.3. Tablet catalogue

  • This graph needs no explanation, 128 sellers about 79.5% of the total sellers under this category have 1-5 SKUs.
  • There are about 14% sellers who have 6-15 SKUs and about 4% sellers offer 16-35 SKUs to their customers.
  • Point to note here is that there are only 2 sellers who have 36-55 SKUs for their customers.
  • Seems like only 9 sellers have aced the art and have presence across multiple brands to offer good catalogue to customers.

Popularity Analysis for Ebay sellers

To deduce seller’s popularity on Ebay, we measured the number of ratings each of these sellers has received till date. These ratings are given to sellers based on their product quality, catalogue size, service etc. Like we say ‘Customer is the king’, this is correct for these sellers. These ratings are provided by their satisfied customers.

4. Tablet seller rating

  • About 40% of the sellers have below 100 ratings. They could be new sellers who have just started using Ebay for this category or they sell other category products and are just experimenting with few popular products.
  • About 33% sellers have 100 through 1000 ratings. About 24% sellers have 1000 through 10000 ratings.
  • Only 3% sellers have received more than 10000 ratings. It is safe to conclude that these 3% sellers have the experience and catalogue to entice customers.

Looking at the data it is very evident that these few sellers understand the customers need and willing to offer the best to them. While others are trying to catch up there is lot of scope for this category’s development.

We would evaluate Laptops Category on Ebay in our upcoming report. Should you have any request for any specific report, please tweet your request to @NextBigWhat. All reports are published using data sourced from our partners

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