Will TAG Heuer’s Intel-Android Wear Smartwatch Challenge The $10K Apple Watch?

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Will TAG Heuer’s Intel-Android Wear Smartwatch Challenge The $10K Apple Watch?

It still isn’t clear if luxury watch connoisseurs will warm up to Apple’s $10,000 smartwatch, but Swiss watch-making giants aren’t waiting to find out the hard way.
TAG Heuer, a brand owned by the LVMH group, has announced that it is creating a smartwatch in collaboration with Google and Intel. While this isn’t the first time Google is partnering with a traditional watchmaker, the move does open many doors in the higher end of the market.
Speaking on the partnership, LVMH watches chief Jean-Claude Biver said that it was the “biggest announcement ever” in his 40-years in the industry, adding that the device would be the “greatest connected watch.”
The device will be designed and manufactured by TAG Heuer, while Intel will foray into the smartwatch market with its very one SoC and Google will handle the software front with its Android Wear platform.
Questions still remain whether TAG Heuer will be able to solve the short battery life problem of smartwatches, and if Google’s Android Wear platform will be able to grow into something more than a notifications-to-wrist delivery system.
Still, you can’t deny that there’s truth hidden in this humorous statement –

“The difference between the TAG Heuer watch and the Apple watch is very important. That one is called Apple and this one is called TAG Heuer.” – Jean-Claude Biver

[Source: BloombergBusiness]
[Image: flickr]

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