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The Entire point of Amazon GO is LOST.

Amazon GO was supposed to kill the queues, but this seems like a scene from new Apple product launch! “I’m in Seattle and there is currently a line to shop at the grocery store whose entire premise is that you won’t have to wait in line.” I’m in Seattle and there is currently a line […]

Love your Amazon Echo? Now watch this horror movie

Amazon Echo is your new friend and does what you ask it to. But what if it does a little more? Hears a little more? Talks something else? Watch this clip from a short film, Whisper – this beautifully uses Amazon Echo to create ‘that’ effect. You see: horror and tech can find each...

Coming soon: Amazon Prime Music in India; Free for Prime members !

Amazon Prime is very soon launching in India. You get to enjoy ad-free music in English and multiple Indian languages. Price of Amazon Prime Music in India? Free if you have a Prime account. Google too launched its music service in India ; though with Prime being the entry point for ‘so many...