30% Of Android Switchers Turned To Apple This Quarter

This makes it the highest ratio of “switchers” Apple has ever recorded in a single three-month period, reveals Tim Cook at Apple’s quarterly conference. Cook further stated that that the 30 percent applies to customers who upgraded from an Android device, not first-time buyers.

Apple Removes Over 250 Apps Suspected Of Mining User Data

Most of these apps were of Chinese origin and were downloaded by around 1 million users. The apps were able to access and store information like Apple ID and device serial numbers, says SourceDNA. The tainted apps used an SDK developed by Youmi which had private APIs to gather private information.

Apple Store To Debut With Five Centers In India

The five Apple stores will be operational by next month in association with the Tata-owned consumer electronic chain named Croma. The 400-500 square feet signature store will debut in Malad, Juhu, Oberoi Mall, Phoenix Mall and Ghatkopar in Mumbai while Bengaluru will get one in Jayanagar.

Apple’s Enterprise Revenue Touches $25 Billion In 12 Months

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed in an interview that in the last 12 months, Apple has generated $25 billion from its enterprise sales, which is 14% of its revenue over the last year. The revelation came just after Apple announced that it has sold more than 13 million iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models.

Prominent ad-blocking App, Peace Pulled Off From Apple Store

Tumbr’s co-founder Marco Arment, who developed a popular ad-blocker for iOS, has pulled out the product, citing concerns that the tool could hurt independent web publishers.The paid app was recently added to the new version of iOS. It generated $113,521 in gross proceeds in the 36 hours it was live.

Swiss Watchmaker Swatch Trademarks ‘One More Thing’

The move is seen as a way to poke Apple which became a rival of Swatch with the launch of the Apple Watch. Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, made the saying famous by using it in his presentations to launch surprise products. The trademark was apparently registered in May this year.

iOS Suffers 6% Drop In Enterprise Activations During Q2 2015 [Android Gains]

Apple continues to hold the lead with 64% activations in the enterprise mobile space. Android device activations grew by 6% to 32% while Windows activations remained flat at 4%. iOS’ biggest losses were in the tablet market where iPad activations fell from 81% to 64% while Android grew from 15% to 25% and Windows grew from 4% to 11%.

Apple Music Scoops Up 11mn Trial Subscribers In 1 Month

Apple claims to have already got 11 million trial users, 2 million of whom have opted for the company’s family plan. If the company converts its current trial users to paying customers, it will have almost half of rival Spotify’s paying user base. While Apple music costs $9.99 for individual and $14.99 for the family plan, Apple has undercut its pricing in India to just Rs 120 and Rs 190 respectively.

Xiaomi Tops Smartphone Sales In Q2 2015; Apple Drops To Third

Xiaomi’s market share for the quarter stood at 15.9%. Huawei moved into second position with an impressive 48% quarter-on-quarter growth. Apple, Samsung and Vivo made up the top 5. Vivo registered 250% year-on-year growth to get to the 4th spot. It should be noted that Apple’s flagship iPhone devices are now old, which could have led to decreased sales.

Apple And Samsung Sold Less Tablets In 2015; Tablet Demand In Decline (Report)

According to a report by IDC, people are buying lesser tablets worldwide. Apple and Samsung lead the market but have sold fewer tablets than last year; 17.9% and 12% respectively. The data suggests that lack of hardware innovation, competition from smartphones and the ability to upgrade operating systems has seen consumer demand for tablets lower each year.

VW Is Launching Cars With Both Android Auto and CarPlay Integration

Volkswagen cars with both Android Auto and CarPlay integration are reaching showrooms as early as this week. VW is offering integration with both rival platforms in order to offer consumers more choice. Android Auto and CarPlay extend a smartphone’s functionality within a car via voice command and offer apps tailored around use while driving.

Apple Is Planning A Ginormous Indian Retail Push With 500 Authorized Stores

Apple witnessed India sales grow by 93% y-o-y during Q2 2015. The stores will be setup under its Authorised Mobility Resellers (AMR) programme, and the company has apparently already signed up 100 partners. The company is looking to setup stores at locations within identified micro-markets within a city. Retailers will own and operate stores but will be supported directly by Apple.

Apple Gives Google’s Nest Thermostat The Boot From Its Stores

Apple’s decision to remove Nest products from its store comes at a time when similar connected devices using its Homekit standard are coming to the market. The Nest Protect smoke detector and security camera too have been taken off Apple shelves, however, Nest notes that the move is only temporary.