Tim Cook Believes Diversity At Apple Will Produce The Best Products

He went on to say that the problem of not having enough women in tech was still rampant. There aren’t enough female roll models in tech today, and Apple too is sort of the problem. At its Apple Watch event in March only 1 woman was part of the presentation, however, Cook said things will be very different at WWDC 2015.

Apple’s Landmark $930mn Patent Win Against Samsung Has Been Partially Reversed

A US appeals court has thrown out Apple’s trademark finding that the appearance of the iPhone can be protected. This means 40% of the $930 million verdict which Apple had won must be reconsidered, even though the prior patent infringement verdict was upheld. The ruling is important from the perspective because it says making a phone with the general appearance of an iPhone isn’t illegal.

Apple Sold More iPhones In China Than US

Apple announced that the strong sales in the country was driven by gift-buying for the Chinese new year. The company registered a 71% increase in revenue to $16.8 billion in China, and growth wasn’t just driven by the rich, but infact by the expanding middle class.