Uber Eats India witnessed 1M players of Instagram Stories AR game


Uber Eats India last month created an augmented reality (AR) game for Instagram Stories that saw more than 1 million players vying for a chance to win a year of free food.

The AR game relied on the app’s face-scanning features to tell when entrants blinked to score points — and when they blinked at the wrong time, which counted against the limit of three lives. 

The prize of free food was another key incentive in driving engagement with potential customers, while helping to build an Instagram following for Uber Eats India.

Now have an augmented reality guide with you on your travels across Karnataka

FlippAR Go is a mobile app that acts as a guide for you in your travels via augmented reality. It offers you stories, facts and activities available at the location you’re in and has also tied up with the Karnataka Tourism Board to offer functionality across 20 heritage sites including the Mysore Palace, archaeological sites at Hampi and many more.

FlippAR Go

FlippAR Go is the new-age travel app for the tech-savvy, modern traveller.

It uses Augmented Reality to unveil interactive travel experiences. Learn about heritage sites through interesting stories and facts, explore things to do around you, unlock offers and a lot more, all on a single app.



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This virtual reality meditation kit runs on your brainwaves

Calling itself a ‘well-being tool’ and a ‘neuro-meditation device’, Heal-ium is a mix of VR, brain sensors and multimedia that are combined to combat stress and anxiety. A low profile headband called the brain-computer interface detects electrical activity in your brain, and a virtual reality headset immerses you in an experience driven by your biometrics. According to Heal-ium, as your brain moves towards a ‘state of positivity’, the brain-computer interface picks that up and takes the VR experience forward. Heal-ium claims to be the first to do this in the world.


Heal-ium is the world’s first VR and AR channel controlled by
brainwaves, specifically the user’s positivity. Our kits can reduce stress
reactions in as little as four minutes. In two peer-reviewed Journals, Healium
has been shown to reduce moderate anxiety and increase feelings of


Columbia MO, USA

About the founding team:

Sarah Hill/ CEO is a 12 time mid-America Emmy award winning media and
technology professional with 25 years building successful platforms. She holds a
provisional patent on VR therapy with Dr. Jeff Tarrant.

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Meet USDZ, The AR File Format Backed by Apple, Pixar and Adobe

Apple announced at the WWDC 2018 keynote in San Jose that sharing AR files across will be much easier under iOS12 thanks to a new file format the company has developed in conjunction with Pixar.
USDZ: The AR format
USDZ: The AR format

The Universal Scene Description file, or USDZ for short, will offer the ability to display 3D rendered AR objects within a single “zero compression, unencrypted zip archive” file, optimized for sharing.

As Apple’s Craig Federighi explained on stage, the new file format is basically an “AR Quicklook” with a WYSIWYG editor designed to support mobile AR experiences across the iOS 12 landscape.
With it, developers will be able to design objects in say, Photoshop or Dimension, and easily export those objects into an AR environment.