Introducing Greg Moran : Zoomcar Founder [bigMobilityConf Speaker]

NextBigWhat’s bigMobilityConf is scheduled for October 17th and we are glad to announce Zoomcar founder and CEO, Greg Moran as a speaker at the conference.

Greg, Zoomcar On The Journey So Far.
Greg Moran, Zoomcar Founder On The Zoomcar Journey So Far.

Greg dropped out of the business school, move to India, started an extremely operational intensive business in India (a new category in itself) and the company recently raised $11mn led by Sequoia.

Hear him out – learn about scaling up businesses which have high operational elements. At bigMobilityConf, Greg will share the lessons learned building Zoomcar (you can also read his guest piece on future of self-drive services in India).

bigMobilityConf Details

Date : October 17th (Saturday).
Venue : MLR Convention Center, J P Nagar, Bangalore
Ticketing: Grab 25% discount (valid only till October 6th)
Ticketing: Apply for the startup launch/demo stage.

[notice type=”info”]Grab 25% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (Ends On Oct 6th). Code : EARLY [/notice] URL:

Introducing bigMobiConf Speaker : Sunit On Modern Design Strategy For Mobile Apps

At our upcoming mobile conference, we are (as always) bringing in the DOERs and practitioners from the mobile ecosystem – the ones who are at the forefront of India’s mobile revolution.

The bigMobiConf will bring 500+ mobile startups, app developers and investors together. We aim to bring a lot of actionable insights to the audience – delivered by the DOERs themselves.

bigMobiConf Details

Date : Sep 12th [9 AM – 6 PM] Venue : MLR Convention Center, J P Nagar [Bangalore] URL :
Ticketing: The super early bird discount is ON. Use the code TAKEOFF to grab yours!

Today, we introduce one of the speakers at bigMobilityConf , Sunit Sharma of Carwale.

Sunit is the head of design at Carwale and carries more than 10+ years of dedicated experience in mobility and has earlier worked for CarWale, Snapdeal, India today, Times of India, 2ergo UK etc.

In his own words:

” I have seen tremendous growth in mobile app design strategies and this is the era of achieving things fast and surprise the world.sunit-sharma

Over these years, I have innovated app designs and strategies and would like to share the same with the world. Few topics or pointer of the conference would be:

a) Designing for product is different and how do you achieve it.

b) Modern mobile style guideline for stakeholders in the company.

c) How to speed you design approach by 60% in this mobile world.

d) How do we achieve innovation in design with tight timelines & less resources.

e) What kind of key metrics and number would give you success in mobile app design.

Say Goodbye to 1 Star Ratings on the Play Store With Little Eye [bigMobilityConf Demo #10]

little-eye-logoAndroid has so many devices that run on hardware with minimum to high specifications that performance is not the same across devices. Performance is the number one reason why people uninstall app and is dependent on not only how quickly an app runs or performs but how well it consumes various resources like battery, memory, data plan on the phone. Unhappy users will go to the Play Store and leave a bad review and a 1 star rating which spoils the reputation of the app.

To prevent this app developers use various tools during testing, to easily measure their apps performance characteristics, allow intuitive analysis of all the data that is captured, and also help them in the process of actually improving the same.

Little Eye is one such tool that uses an intuitive “Visual Correlation Engine” based interface which allows developers and testers to quickly identify performance and resource usage issues (like battery, CPU, memory, file system, etc) and enables easy communication of issues between testers and developers, by capturing all relevant information like screen, logs, events, threads automatically.

Little Eye is based in Bangalore and the team members like to call “ions” (short for “eye-ons”).

Thrill, A Dating App Totally Controlled by Women! [bigMobilityConf Demo #9]

thrill-logoThe dating app space is heating up and while this was considered a Western phenomenon till not very long back. Now a number of apps are being launched to target Indians specifically.

Thrill is an Android app, that is a fresh, safe take on meeting new people around you in India. What makes Thrill different is that it is controlled by women. While men can apply to join, they can only begin using the app if the women on the network approve.

The female users vote guys up and down in the application list and only the best ones make the cut. Thrill says they are “about quality, not quantity.”

Women get membership to the network automatically. Once a man is allowed to join he anonymously find someone “Thrilling” or “Not Thrilling”. If that person feels the same, an intro is made and from there you’re on your own.

According to the developers Thrilling can be anyone with a decent number of friends and interests; a profile picture that is genuine; someone who invites and gets ‘voted up’ by female friends and one who is young. Not Thrilling can be – being married or having a girlfriend; having only a few or no friends on Facebook; having a snapshot of a celebrity or a cartoon character as the profile picture and being a creep.

A man and a woman are matched using their interests from their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.

The app has been built by a Singapore-incorporated startup that was founded by Josh Israel and Devin Serago in November 2012.

You can download the Android app here. The iOS app is expected to be released very soon.

RailWisdom: Crowd Sourced Wisdom for Rail Yatris [bigMobilityConf Demo #8]

rail-wisdom-logoRail Wisdom is for travellers to share and seek information from fellow travellers taking the train. The product was built by startup RailYatri which works with the Indian Railways to provide information for passengers. The company wants to make this into a portal that will have information around more than 8000 railway stations that cover over 80% of the country.

The startup wants to connect rail passengers over the platform, which could become an online marketplace in itself.

At present the service is available only on the web, but mobile apps are scheduled to be launched in two-three weeks.

If it takes off, this could be big. Over 9 billion passengers (not unique) use Indian railways in a year. With improving mobile and wi-fi connectivity along the rail networks, imagine a marketplace connecting vendors, buyers and information seekers!

You can read our interview with Manish Rathi, the Co-Founder of Rail Yatri here.

Developers, Say NO to Emulators. Meet pCloudy [bigMobilityConf Demo #7]

pCloudy-lgoWho needs emulators any more? pCloudy is a test environment on the cloud for developers. The cloud based platform covers over 9 versions of Android (iPhone in the pipeline), more than 8 screen resolutions, over 10 display sizes and more than 5 aspect rations for developers to test a website or an app using the browser.

With a growing number of operating systems, ever changing screen sizes and resolutions on new mobile devices that are launched almost every other day, it doesn’t make sense for developers to buy actual devices or many different emulators to test their applications. The platform comes with collaboration features. This makes life much easier, especially for distributed teams working on same applications.

pCloudy was founded earlier this year by Bhavesh Bhojani, Jaffer Sadhiq and Anil Adireddi who have worked in companies such as Nokia, Yahoo, Sasken, Samsung and Accenture.

Trackid: GPS Meets Your Kid’s School Bag [bigMobilityConf Demo #6]

Trackid, by Saltbridge, is a GPS enabled bag that will help parents keep track of their kid’s whereabouts and well being in real-time. The product is intended to take care of some of the primary concerns of parents like: Where’s my kid? What’s he doing now? Did he reach school safely? How long till school bus drops him home? Is he back home yet?

Trackid offers parents an easy way to keep track of their kids by just by sending an SMS, which will quickly fetch the current location of their kid in real time. Other than SMS, parents can also interact with Trackid through the web applications or the smartphone app.


The Trackid web application will also allow you to watch your kids commute on Google Maps. Parents can create Safe Zones for the kids, around frequently visited locations on the map and get notified whenever the kids leave or enter that zones.

The product also features a one-way voice feature, using which parents will have the ability to hear the kid and surrounding voices, making sure of what the kid is up to. parents can also access smart reports based on past activities and history giving a complete idea of past whereabouts. The product will be available both has a GPS enabled bag and portable device.

PeregrineGuard Secures Enterprise Networks from BYOD Threat [bigMobilityConf Demo #5]

i7-networks-logoi7 Networks is an enterprise security company which has launched a solution called PeregrineGuard, which will give IT managers a way of securing the network by providing controls that help in discovering devices being used by employees, maintaining inventory of devices in use in a network and applying granular access control.

What problems are they solving? It keeps the network administrator in the know of all the devices that come into the corporate network, who they belong to, their vulnerability status and granular control. it supports all wireless devices and not just smartphones and tablets.

The angel backed company was co-founded by Manjunath M Gowda and Chandra M Shekar, who ran S7 Software, which was acquired by California based cyber security Bluecoat System in January 2010.

The Bangalore based company doesn’t need to deploy an agent on the employees’ device. That makes it a great proposition for companies which don’t like invading their employees privacy.

Rail Alarm Will Alert You When You are About to Reach the Station Even Without GPS [bigMobiltyConf Demo #4]

rail-alarm-logoWhenever we travel by train, one of the biggest fears is sleeping and missing the station we have to get off at.

Rail Alarm by ColumbusAgain Software Technologies is an app which alerts you and wakes you up 15 kms before your selected station.

Both the Android and iOS version of the app were launched by ColumbusAgain at bigMobilityConf today.

The app does not rely on GPS, so does not drain your battery. It uses an intelligent backend system that the team has built over two years. The backend has the full railway network mapped. The app alerts users even if a train is delayed.

Rail Alarm also shows the current status of the train in Google Maps and the distance to your destination.

Definitely a must have app for all train travelers.

You can download the Android version of the app here and the iOS app here.

BetaGlide: A Cloud Based Testing Platform For Mobile App Developers [bigMobilityConf Demo # 3]

betaglide-lgoBuilding an app alone is not sufficient for any developer, testing it with a real audience in a live situation is what gives the real review of the application. BetaGlide is a Noida based startup, which provides a testing platform to developers for their application.

Founded in June last year by Amritanshu Anand, an IIT Kanpur graduate, BetaGlide is a cloud based platform for mobile application developers and testers which enables them to test the apps in a real time environment.  Application can be tested using real devices among actual users.

A developer can track and manage testing cycle of an application and the tool allows to measure memory and CPU usage time, generate logs for debugging, record session details, battery information and other variables. It also gives you a user heat map, network statistics etc.

Developers or testers can simply upload their applications on BetaGlide. The platform automatically integrates the tool in the uploaded app, creating a modified apk which saves time. It allows developers to send mails to selected “beta” users, and once they download and start using the application, the developer gets the data and information through a dashboard.

The company is currently in beta mode and has over 30 customers and is a part of TLabs 4th batch which is a venture by Times Internet.

Debug Quicker With BugClipper Tool [bigMobilityConf Demo # 2]

bugclipper-logoBugClipper is a tool that will make it easy for you to report bugs, highlight issues and share feedback with your team from inside your own app.

It is available in the form of a plug-n-play library that integrates with your app and provides a suite of tools to capture screenshots and highlight issues on the fly, record screencasts and send them to the developer directly.

BugClipper makes reporting bugs easy and fast and slashes the overall development time. The tool is currently available on iOS. An Android version will be launched soon.

You can get a 7 day free plan to try out BugClipper. A single install app license costs $49 and if you are an agency or a freelancer publishing multiple apps, you can get a 5 app install license at a discounted price of $189.

The NextBigWhat Discount : 100% Free

bigMobilityConf attendees can sign up for a BugClipper license using the coupon code “bigmob”, which will get them a 100% discount and also get the library for free. This offer for only the first 100 downloads.

Traveling? Trip38 is Probably the Only App You’d Need [bigMobilityConf Demo # 1]

trip38--logoThough there are number of travel portals that help users make their travel arrangements and bookings, when it comes to finding more about the place you are visiting or staying at, it gets real tough to find information in real time.

Bangalore based startup, Trip38, wants to help users to get this information. A mobile first solution, Trip38 is available on Android and Windows Phone. An iOS version is expected in the next couple of days. The mobile application provides location based content such as sightseeing options, weather, hotel offers/deals, and embassy/consulate information.

Once you finish booking and planning your trip on a travel portal, you have to email the city name, hotel confirmation vouchers and the travel dates to Trip38. The app then downloads your itinerary and all related information.

The application works even without an Internet connection once the whole itinerary is downloaded. This is really great as it will save roaming charges which usually cost a lot.

Corporate, hotels and travel sites can partner with the startup in order to promote their offers/deals.

Trip38 was launched at bigMobilityConf today.

And Now, The Final FAQs for bigMobilityConf [Are VCs Attending?]

Okay. When we earlier shared our thought process behind ‘Entry is Free and Exit is Not’ policy for bigMobilityConf, we got a few emails asking whether the attendees need to buy lunch etc etc. Well, we should have made it clear – but, the short answer is NO. That is, you don’t need to buy lunch etc. We will serve you great tea/coffee/lunch and importantly, insightful content as well!

More FAQs:

Qn: What’s the twitter hashtag?

Ans: #bigmob.

Qn. Can I register at the venue? Is spot-registration allowed?

Ans : Yes.

Qn : Are there lots of  VCs/Angels attending?

Ans : Yes. Quite a lot. We are also bringing in quite a few angels at the conference. In fact, one of you will pitch to Sequoia Capital, on-stage!

Qn: Will you be live-streaming the conference?

Ans: No.

Qn : How will “Entry is Free. Exit is NOT’ work?

Ans: At the registration desk, we will handover an envelope to you. At the time of leaving the conference, you can pay for ‘whatever’ you think the conference was worth. Put the money in the envelope and drop it in the dropbox, placed near the exit counter.

Conference Details

Venue: Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha, Bangalore (Map Link/Behind Indiranagar Club).

Agenda Announced (also embedded towards the end of this article).

– FYI: Amazon will give away free AWS credits to the participants.


We would like to thank Nokia, Sequoia Capital, Times Internet, Amazon, NewsHunt and Qualcomm Ventures for supporting the bigMobilityConf!

bigMobilityConf Sponsors
bigMobilityConf Sponsors

Registration Form

9:00 – 9:30 AM Registration
9:30-10:15 AM Startup Journey: Innoz (by Deepak Ravindran)
10:15-10:45 AM Selling bigMobility to Indian SMEs: What does it take!
[Lalit (Mobisy) and Vijay (NowFloats)]
10:45-11:00 AM Tea/Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 AM Local Language Apps in India
11:45-12:15 PM Demo 1, 2, 3.
12:15-12:45 PM App Distribution : The Offline Behavior of Indians
12:45-1:45 PM Lunch
1:45-2:15 PM What Gaana Learnt from Mobile App Experience
2:15-3:00 PM Pitch to Sequoia Captal (Office Hours).
3:00-3:25 PM Building Scalable Mobile Apps on the Cloud : AWS.
3:25-3:45 PM Nokia : Distribution.
3:45-4:00 PM A Product Launch
4:00-4:30 PM Demo : 4,5,6
4:30-5:00 PM Tea/Coffee Break
5:00-5:45 Demo : 7,8,9,10

Announced: bigMobilityConf Agenda

NextBigWhat’s bigMobilityConf is scheduled for this Saturday (August 31st) and like any other NextBigWhat conference, we have great lineup of speakers, amazing content and importantly, super powerful startup demos!

The event is scheduled for August 31st (Indiranagar Sangeet Sabha (map)) and is free to attend (though exit is not!). If you are a mobile startup/app developer, do plan to attend bigMobilityConf (Twitter hashtag #bigMob).

The Agenda

9:00 – 9:30 AM Registration
9:30-10:15 AM Startup Journey: Innoz (by Deepak Ravindran)
10:15-10:45 AM Selling bigMobility to Indian SMEs: What does it take!
[Lalit (Mobisy) and Vijay (NowFloats)]
10:45-11:00 AM Tea/Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 AM Local Language Apps in India
11:45-12:15 PM Demo 1, 2, 3.
12:15-12:45 PM App Distribution : The Offline Behavior of Indians
12:45-1:45 PM Lunch
1:45-2:15 PM What Gaana Learnt from Mobile App Exprience
2:15-3:00 PM Pitch to Sequoia Captal (Office Hours).
3:00-3:15 PM Building Scalable Mobile Apps on the Cloud : AWS.
3:15-3:45 PM Nokia : Distribution.
3:45-4:00 PM PG Launch
4:00-4:30 PM Demo : 4,5,6
4:30-5:00 PM Tea/Coffee Break
5:00-5:45 Demo : 7,8,9,10

More Info: bigMobilityConf Website  | Speakers | FAQs

Registration : Use the link or the embedded form here.

The Thought Process Behind ‘Entry is Free, Exit is NOT’ Policy at bigMobilityConf

At the upcoming bigMobilityConf, we are trying out a unique ticketing mechanism : Entry is Free. Exit is NOT.bigmconf300x250

A lot of people have asked us this question. After all, why can’t we simply charge a standard amount, like any other conference?

Well, bigMobilityConf is our effort to bring the community and actionable content around mobile platforms and markets to you.

If you look at a typical mobility/app related event in India, most of them tend to focus on the developer side of things. And it works quite well.

HARD FACT : Few years into app economy and as a country, we have very little (mobile/app) success stories to tell (discounting the VAS ones).
Yes, Indians are consuming apps, but we are still not producing enough great apps. Importantly, apps that have a serious business angle to it are very few (read : There is No VC Money for Just Another App, The Underlying Service Is Important).

One of the things with app developers is that they tend to believe that app launch = success. The story pretty much ends with the app launch (read: The The Lesser Ambitious Breed Called “Indian App Developers”). But in reality, that’s just the beginning! In fact, like any product startup, the actual journey begins when you have shipped.

bigMobilityConf is an attempt to be super useful when you have shipped the product/app. That is, marry tech with the business counterpart – i.e. let’s talk about business trends (and not tech trends), let’s talk about 3D of the app business (3D = Design, Distribution and Discovery). Let’s talk about the appy behaviour of Indians and how does that impact the app consumption space in the country.

And for this to happen, we need a GREAT mix of people – not just app developers, but also designers, early adopters, investors and everybody in-between. And we strongly believe that ticket pricing should never deter the meeting of interesting minds.

Hence :

Entry is Free. Exit is NOT.

As the event ends, you can put inside the sealed envelope (which you will get during registration) whatever you think this event was worth (yes! NextBigWhat events are known for great content). We’ll accept that with thanks, and as feedback (more FAQs here).

The bigMobility Goal : Let’s enable great mobile (app) businesses from the country. And the conference is the beginning, first step towards that. The app (development) space is still nascent and needs to really move fast beyond ‘development’. Let’s get uncomfortable and talk business 🙂

So come over if you have a deep interest in app business (register using the form below). We want you to meet a whole lot of other mobile startups, app developers, designers and investors (checkout the conference site :

bigMobilityConf Topic : Rise of Local Language on the Mobile Web

Here is a trend that is building up in the mobile web:

Samsung partnered with Reverie to launch interface in 9 Indian languages.

Plustxt got acquired by One97.

– Local language news app NewsHunt served 10 billion views.

GupShup launched its app in different languages

What does this all mean? Well, the local language revolution that never happened on the web will probably make its way through in the mobile web.

The Indian government is spending INR 20,000 crore to lay optic fibre so that all panchayats across the country are connected.

“Mobile penetration in India is over 800 million but penetration of internet is only 15%. On the other side literacy rate in English is less than 20% whereas literacy rate in Indian languages is around 50%. Hence, the next big thing is the evolution of Mobile Internet in local languages.”  [Read : Local Language Content on Mobile to Drive Inclusive Growth]

Fair enough. But what are the real challenges? Who is generating local language content on the web? Is supply constrained? Do advertisers care?

Well, we have a dedicated session on the ‘Rise of Local Language’ topic at the upcoming bigMobilityConf. The #bigTalk  will have 3 practitioners from the industry:

1. Arvind Pani, Cofounder and CEO of Reverie Technologies.

2. Virendra Gupta, Cofounder of Ver se Innovation, the company behind NewsHunt app.

3. Pratyush Prasanna, Cofounder of Plustxt.

– The event is scheduled for August 31st (more details here: To attend, fill up the form below.