Pi of Life : Personal Finance for Bootstrappers

Your goals are different from other people, and should not include brand worship, fitting-in. If you wonder more often that not what the hell you’re doing it for if you can’t even enjoy “these little pleasures” – you’re likely not ready yet so think hard.

Bootstrapping a startup via Consulting gigs ? The Big Question

Every startup requires cash. It’s not built on thin air as early stage investors think. Money for paying the lawyer, government fees, hiring developers and more importantly paying your rent, food, fuel, etc. An entrepreneur starts with a calculated risk of investing (or burning through) his savings for that 6 months period with an assumption that either a customer would start paying or an investor would bet on it.

Advice From Founders Who Bootstrapped Their Way to Success

So, as an entrepreneur you fundamentally have to do something outside the scope of what VCs are currently investing in; if not you’ll end up doing yet another me-too company that doesn’t stand out. That means you have to consciously ignore a lot of the noise about trends, who got funded, the “blah blah blah” of the tech world. That’s the only way you’ll be able to focus on creating your own unique value proposition.