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Leveraging Chatbots for Talent Management

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) together are forming a significant step up for the organisations to revolutionise their work performance. New and smart ways of work coming up which is how the future enterprise solutions are meant to be – simple, intuitive, and engaging. While almost...

Chat bots – Designing conversations [Part 3]

This article is the third in the series I’m writing about chat bots. Part 1 dealt about the use cases related to chat bots and the part 2 was about some pitfalls associated with building them. In this part let’s discuss about how we can start the process of designing a conversation. Fancy two sets...

When (Facebook) Bot Met Gandhi

Bored of all the talks around Facebook bots? Well, this is where the world is moving towards! [Thanks to Nalin Avasthi, the bot for sharing this.] #WhySoSerious