Climate crisis: Fossil fuel consumption is expected to peak within this decade

International Energy Agency reported a “noticeable peak” in overall fossil fuel consumption showing the direction the global energy system is headed.

The news follows a recent study which found that extreme weather from climate change triggered hunger in nearly 100 million people and increased heat deaths by 68% in vulnerable populations worldwide.

10% of global electricity demand served by wind, solar energy for first time

Power generation emissions in general leapt up in 2021 as the global economy rebounded from the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of that new power generation came from renewable sources, with wind and solar accounting for three-quarters of capacity added in 2021.

Still, coal continues to occupy the largest single share of global electricity generation at 27%, and it may continue to rise in 2022.

Germany inaugurates world’s first hydrogen-powered trains

  • Germany is leading the charge of environmentally friendly travel with the first ever rail line to be entirely run on hydrogen-powered trains, starting from Wednesday.
  • Fourteen hydrogen trains powered by fuel cell propulsion will exclusively run on the route in Bremervörde, Lower Saxony.

Silicon Valley engineers are quitting for climate change

“You’re fed the idea that you can change the world, and then you end up working on ads.”

“I think every generation has a zeitgeist … For Gen X that mission imprint for a lot of folks was the internet. I think for Gen Z that mission imprint is increasingly climate,”

Sony’s carbon footprint from lifetime PS4 sales would cost $15.3 billion to offset: Research

  • The 36 million tonnes of CO2 emitted through the manufacture, distribution and use of all PS5, PS4 and PS3s sold would cost $15.282 billion to offset.
  • It costs an average of $425 to capture CO2 from the air per tonne, with 20 million tonnes emitted from the manufacture of the three latest PS consoles.
  • Carbon-Cutting Consoles reveals the environmental impact of gaming platforms, as well as identifying the most polluting titles, based on popularity.
  • Sony recently revealed the PS4 is amongst their best-selling consoles of all time, at 117 million units – with the PS2 still proving the most popular to date.

Europe Is on Track to Have Record Fire Year Driven by Climate Change

The fires that have torched through Europe are on course to make 2022 a record year for forest loss on the continent, as scientists warn climate change is already contributing to ever fiercer blazes.

Temperatures have warmed just over 1.1 degrees Celsius since the industrial era, and the United Nations Says Earth is currently on track to warm some 2.7C this century. This additional heat is enough to make the kind of heatwaves that baked Europe this week more likely to occur and to last longer when they do.

Top Indian Scientists Convene at Kashmir University for Climate Change Dialogue

Top scientists from Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology (DST) and country’s reputed academic institutions on Thursday met at the University of Kashmir for a dialogue on climate change.

The eminent scientists are in the varsity for a first meeting of the Reconstituted Committee of Climate Change Programme of the DST which aims to generate strategic knowledge on issues of climate change and build capacities of various stakeholders.

Chinese Court Rules Bitcoin Mining Emission Accelerates Climate Change

A Chinese court has quashed a cryptocurrency mining contract on the grounds that the emissions it generates accelerate climate change. The judgment last week shows judges in China are starting to make a link between national carbon targets and energy-intensive activities.

The court added that mining cryptocurrency wastes energy resources in a way that is incompatible with China’s path to carbon neutrality.

Penguins May Face Extinction in Future Amid Modern Climate Change

Penguins have the slowest known rate of evolution among birds, and they might not be able to handle modern climate change, which is occurring more rapidly than past change.

Early penguins quickly adapted to marine life in the Southern Hemisphere after a mass extinction event around 66 million years ago. From there, their evolution continued in spurts in response to periods of climate change, such as at the start of the most recent ice age.

Heatwave: Victorian Bridge in London Wrapped in Foil to Protect It From Extreme Heat

A 135-year-old Victorian bridge in London was wrapped in foil in an attempt to stop it from cracking as the UK faced a heat wave this week that could break its high-temperature records.

The foil is part of a pioneering £420,000 temperature-control system designed to keep the bridge at a safe temperature. The bridge is open only to pedestrians and cyclists after it was closed in that 2020 heat wave.

Nineteen Ecosystems in Australia Are on the Brink of Collapse, Environment Report Finds

The survey of Australia’s ecological systems – conducted every five years – found Australia’s environment is in a shocking state and faces further decline from amplifying threats.

The 2,000-page State of the Environment report found or reiterated:

  • Nineteen ecosystems are on the brink of collapse
  • There are now more non-native plant species in Australia than native ones
  • Australia has lost more species to extinction than any other continent

Germany Has Lost an Average of €6.6B Per Year Since 2000 Due to Climate Change

Climate change has cost Germany an average of €6.6 billion per year since 2000, a study commissioned by the country’s ministry for economic affairs and climate action has found.

The study was released on Monday at the start of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in Berlin, where senior officials from 40 countries discussed the fight against climate change and its impact ahead of this year’s UN climate summit in Egypt.

UK Could Record 40°C Temperatures Linked to Climate Change

The chances of seeing unprecedented temperatures of 40 degree Celsius (40°C) or more in the UK could be up to 10 times more likely in the current climate than under a “natural climate unaffected by human influence.”

The UK’s Met Office has, for the first time, issued a “Red Warning” for exceptional heat, and forecast temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) on Monday and Tuesday.