A New Student Movement Wants You to Log Off

A March 2022 study published in the scientific journal Nature found that the relationship between social media use and mental health varied by age, but that there were two windows where social media use was more likely to have a negative effect on the well-being of adolescents: at the start of puberty and again around age 19. Emma Lembke, a rising sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis, experienced those negative effects firsthand.

The project aims to spur dialogue among young people who are feeling the adverse effects of social media and want to adjust their relationship to it.

“Taste of the future” first artificial intelligence-created craft beer to be released soon

New Orleans locals will have a chance to try the first craft beer created by an artificial intelligence platform in June.

The AI Blonde Ale will be released at a Launch Party at NOLA Brewery on June 20 to coincide with CVPR, the world’s premier computer vision event.

“About 10 million people review beers every day, there are all these sites and they put it into the world basically to show people what they think of the beer. You do exactly the same thing, there are 5 questions, you scan a QR code answer 5 questions you rate the beer and instead of it going into a website maybe somebody reads maybe not. What happens is artificial intelligence picks that up and goes directly to the producer the AI then takes all that data and manipulates a recipe and then gives it to the producer here this is what the markets thinking,”