CBDC would be an essential tool for combating crypto, according to the Bank of Indonesia.

Central bank digital currencies (CBDC), digital versions of national currencies introduced …

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RBI wants the government to broaden the definition of “bank notes” to include digital currency.

The union government today informed the Parliament that it has received …

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Coinstore, a virtual currency exchange, enters India as the Centre prepares a crypto bill.

Singapore-based virtual currency exchange Coinstore has begun operations in India. Coinstore …

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Govt to ban cryptocurrencies, get ready for India’s own digital currency issued by RBI

Govt to ban cryptocurrencies, make way for India’s own digital currency. …

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RBI may pilot digital currency in the first quarter of next year

The Reserve Bank of India may do a pilot of its …

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Growth Strategy – A Comprehensive Guide!

The International Chess Federation is the world’s first worldwide sports organisation to have its own NFT market.

Digitalization keeps on coming to one of the oldest games in …

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China’s Digital Yuan’s adoption at a rise, nearly $10 billion people transacted.

China’s central bank digital currency, the digital yuan, has been used …

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Paytm hints at Bitcoin offering services if India makes crypto “fully legal”

Interestingly, in August last year, Paytm reportedly froze Paytm Payments Bank’s …

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Digital currencies pave way for deeply negative interest rates

This matters for investors, because if rates can be taken deeply …

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India’s digital architecture: From infrastructure to superstructure

India’s digital architecture: From infrastructure to superstructure. Earlier, the law stipulated …

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India needs tech moonshots to power $10 tn ai-driven economy

For India to play a massive role in this upcoming ecosystem, …

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RBI digital currency trial could launch by December

The Reserve Bank of India has been working on a phased …

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