Meta is India’s largest media company

Meta Platforms is nowhere among the world’s largest media companies.

In India, however, it tops the list, thanks to the large user base of its three brands Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Meta recorded revenue of Rs16,189 crore, followed by Sony group (Rs. 15,056 cr), Disney+Star (Rs. 15,056 crore), Google (Rs13,886 cr), Times Group (Rs8,000 cr).

Coming soon: Indians will be able to make payments through UPI in Europe

As NPCI International Payments Ltd. has partnered with European payment services facilitator Worldline, Indians will soon be able to make payments over UPI in Europe.

By enabling point-of-sale systems at businesses to accept payments from UPI, Worldline will increase convenience for Indian clients in the European markets as part of the cooperation.

78% payments up to Rs 500 on UPI: NPCI data

  • The new data by NPCI shows that 78 percent of P2M, and 59 percent of P2P transactions are up to Rs 500.
  • Further in terms of volumes, transactions between Rs 501 and Rs 2,000 make up 15 percent of P2M and 20 percent of P2P volumes.
  • 87 percent of P2P transactions are above Rs 2,000 and 70 percent of P2M. The large number of transactions up to Rs 500 translate to only a 3 percent share of P2P exchanges, and 13 percent for P2M.

From Jan 1 2022, Indian online merchants cannot store credit card information #Tokenization

  • With effect from January 1, 2022, no entity in the card transaction / payment chain, other than the card issuers and / or card networks, shall store the actual card data. Any such data stored previously shall be purged.
  • For transaction tracking and / or reconciliation purposes, entities can store limited data – last four digits of actual card number and card issuer’s name – in compliance with the applicable standards.

From RBI: On a review of the tokenisation framework and to enable cardholders to benefit from the security of tokenised card transactions as also the convenience of CoF, it has been decided to effect the following enhancements –

    1. Extend the device-based tokenisation framework referred to at paragraph 1 above to CoF Tokenisation (CoFT) as well.
    2. Permit card issuers to offer card tokenisation services as Token Service Providers (TSPs).
    3. The facility of tokenisation shall be offered by the TSPs only for the cards issued by / affiliated to them.
    4. The ability to tokenise and de-tokenise card data shall be with the same TSP.

RSS, West Bengal and Duplicate Accounts: What the Facebook Whistleblower Complaint Touches Upon

In a complaint on how the social media platform “Promotes global division and ethnic violence”, lawyers for Haugen cite internal company documents to claim that “Political sensitivities” prevented Facebook from categorising or providing a designation to “This group”, in what appears to be a reference to whether greater monitoring was required for RSS-connected content.

The complaint relays what appears to be the results of a sampling survey done by Facebook in West Bengal.

The document also blames the company’s lack of technical ability to track this type of content in local Indian languages: “Our lack of Hindi and Bengali classifiers means much of this [anti-Muslim] content is never flagged or actioned.”

In one section on this, an internal company document called ‘Lotus Mahal’ is cited to claim that Facebook officials are well aware of how the BJP IT cell uses SUMAs (Single User, Multiple Accounts) to propagate narratives.


Amazon Launches ‘Prime Video Channels’, Brings Eight Otts On Single Platform

  • The existence of the platform now means Amazon has a video content marketplace for Prime members, beaming content from eight OTT players: Lionsgate Play, Discovery Plus, DocuBay, Eros Now, MUBI, Shorts TV, Hoichoi and Manorama Max.
  • Amazon has so far struck partnerships with 350 OTT partners, globally, to get on board Prime Video Channels.
  • The launch of Prime Video Channels couldn’t possibly come at a better time, given the growth displayed by Prime Video, pan-India.