Leaked Apple patents indicating that the company is working on drones

  • The US Patent & Trademark Office has published two patent applications from Apple based on drones.
  • In the patent application, the company mentions drones used for various applications including acquiring or sensing information, delivering items, or other activities.
  • While the news of the patents does sound exciting, keep in mind that Apple is known to file a wide range of patents for devices that are never realized.

BMC deploys drones to sanitise Dhobi Ghat area.

  • BMC deploys drones to sanitise Dhobi Ghat area.
  • Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation undertook a sanitisation drive in the Dhobi Ghat area of Mumbai on Monday to prevent the spread of dengue and malaria.
  • The interesting part of this sanitation drive was the use of drones to sprinkle disinfectant over the region.

Four Indian companies in the exploding drone market

  • Companies involved in the drone industry in India have sighed a huge relief after the government announced new drone rules last month on 26 August.
  • Here are few Indian companies which are chasing the exploding drone market.
  • According to global market intelligence and advisory firm, the global drone market, which is currently dominated by US, China, and Israel, will touch US$28.

New drone regulations wind in the sails for racers, hobbyists

  • Nayak is among thousands of drone pilots and hobbyist drone users whose hopes of flying and racing their drones have been rekindled with the implementation of India’s Drone Rules 2021.
  • Earlier, budding drone racers would also need to seek permission from the local police to fly their drones for practice, as would colleges and educational institutions that wanted to host drone racing events.
  • Karan Kamdar, chief executive officer of drone manufacturing company 1 Martian Way and founder of the Indian Drone Racing League, believes that the new rules will enable holding more drone racing events in the country and help drone racers import parts and equipment.

India’s liberalised new drone rules have little space for citizens’ privacy

  • On Thursday, the government finally announced its much-awaited new liberalised drone rules, marking the coming of age for an industry that has for long struggled under unclear, and somewhat unimplementable regulatory norms.
  • While virtual celebrations have broken out since the announcement of the new rules which also repealed norms that were implemented just some months ago-and were widely considered to be too stringent and restrictive-there is something that the rules seem to have given the fly by to: ensuring that drones do not end up violating Indians’ fundamental right to privacy.
  • The new rules certainly seem to be as close as they could possibly get to the wishlist of drone operators.