Email is Old, But Far from Dead

There are two types of people in the world. The ones that are trying to kill email and the ones that are trying to save email.

Of Rocketing Growth And The Real Slim Shady of India Internet Space

Having closely observed relative traffic to all these sites through multiple public data sources it is pretty clear Jabong today is getting more traffic than flipkart (around 250K mark – with flipkart relative number being less than 200K) i.e., as of today not even a month ago. That is what is so amazing about this rocketing venture from rocket internet.

What has Product Management got to do with Ecommerce?

Respect data and figure out capabilities to increase its efficiency across medium. Same users reaches you through multiple doors – Search, Paid Search, Social Media, Display, Emails etc. Unless you are able to gather his intent-cycle over a period, it will be impossible to have efficiency in marketing. Every 1% increment on top of funnel conversion may lead to 2X at its bottom.

Of SOPA, Sibal, SMS and Email SPAM

Wednesday 18th January 2012 will go down in history as the day Wikipedia and many other websites pages went black intentionally to protest against two bills in the USA, Stop…

How To Win Back Non-Responders [Email Marketing]

Former purchasers represent “low hanging fruit” in email marketing, as it is always less costly to reach out to former customers than it is to acquire new ones. By focusing on developing and maintaining a dialogue with subscribers—a dialogue in which the subscriber sets the terms—email marketers can re-engage subscribers who have been nonresponsive, and reap the benefits of increased sales.