101: How To Accurately Measure The Success Of Your Email Campaigns? [Part 1]

How do you know if your email marketing program is working? How can you tell if your electronic communications are actually having the impact you hoped for? Is the work you’re putting in worth the effort? Email metrics can help you determine the effectiveness of your communications and fine tune them to improve their efficiency.

Apollo Hospital Partners with Groupon India [PR]

PR: Apollo Hospitals, the leader in healthcare in Asia, ties-up with Groupon India to leverage the web based platform for spreading awareness about their medical service offerings. In keeping with…

CC is Evil, So Is Its First Cousin [Inbox Clutter]

CC, and its first cousin mailing lists are the prime culprits for a lot of the email clutter and overload we face today. But at the same time, there are reasons why they continue to exist and be heavily used and abused. We need to figure this out and find a solution to this. This would make a lot of people happy about the time the spend with their inbox.

How To: Build an Internet Product Business from India

Startups are hungry for attention and reviews. People know that and take advantage of this. Avoid startup events that will ask you to pay money to participate and lure you to meeting tens of VC’s. That is BS. Instead use that money for product development or customer acquisition.

How To Ensure Email Delivery in Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email Delivery is an often neglected aspect of email marketing. You will find many free and paid tools that will help you send an email. You can easily upload a CSV file with email addresses, create an html email and send it using a SMTP server or even your regular outlook program. There are many email service providers as well. However it’s one thing to send an email and quite another thing to get it delivered in the Inbox. So to continue with the series of articles on email marketing, in this article I want to focus on email delivery.

101 on Email Marketing [Part 1/Introduction]

Online stores and ecommerce transactions are increasing steadily in India. Some call this the inflexion point in for the ecommerce industry. Many new ecommerce sites have been featured on Pluggd.in. However, 10 years after the dot com boom, getting the right mix of online channels to reach our consumers effectively is still a tough task. SEO and display ads channels are very well established today. We are seeing a surge in Social Media with a revival / renewed interest in Email Marketing.

The A E I O U of Software Marketing [Vowel Guide]

Marketing a software product involves ‘talking to’ various audiences. It’s easy to lose sight of this fact and spend a disproportionate amount of your resources to get that Techcrunch story that you think will propel you into instant traction. This ‘vowel guide’ should help your efforts stay consonant with your objectives.

Opportunities for Email Marketing Business in India

Tremendous opportunity exists for a really focused and experienced email marketing solution and service provider in India to assist Indian Companies to utilize the high RoI channel as an effective marketing mix.