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Foodtech Startup, Eatlo Has Shutdown [?]

The startup was founded in 2014 by Sai Priya Mahajan and Rahul Harishanka. Eatlo’s team comprised of 100 people, of which 60 were delivery boys and others included from operations, marketing and tech departments. The foodtech company had raised a second round of angel funding in June.

What Consumers Expect From A Food Delivery App?

Zomato is cutting 300 jobs. Dazo has shut down. Tinyowl is laying off employees. Spoonjoy is scaling back operations. It doesn’t seem like a good time for food delivery apps (I am purposely staying away from the much debated term, “food tech”). As someone who has spent tens of thousands of rupees...

Ola Launches On Demand Grocery Delivery App ‘Ola Store’

The service is available from 8am to 11 pm daily and the store has over 12,000 products listed across 13 categories. Ola Store is currently being tested in the city of Bangalore and is available only on Android devices. Free delivery can be availed on purchases above Rs 250, or else the delivery...