Google Pay to face an antitrust probe by CCI for unfair business practices

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has ordered an investigation against internet giant Google for alleged unfair business practices with respect to Google Pay (GPay). The investigation will be looking into two allegations made in a complaint by an unnamed informant related to exclusive use of Google Pay for buying apps and in-app purchases via the Play Store and pre-installation of Google Pay on Android smartphones.

Google has confirmed that it will end support for the Google Keep Chrome app.

Google will end support for the Google Keep Chrome app by Feb 2021 and move it to the Google Chrome browser. This move is keeping in line with the tech giant’s decision to kill all Google apps and make them web-based. When Google Keep app users opens the app on Chrome now, they’ll be welcomed with message informing them that the app will be moving to the browser soon.

Google acquires Indian patent to include regional language search results

Google has now secured an Indian patent for automatic expanded language results, which enables the user to see the search result in his or her own language, also. This basically means that if a user is Googling for some info from New Delhi, he/she will get to see relevant Hindi results too, along with the standard Google English results. Google has done this to expand the number of relevant search results.

Singapore govt establishes AI ethics council

The Singapore government is convening a council to advise it on the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data. Fairness, transparency and the ability to explain an AI (Artificial…

White House and AI: Good Cop-Bad Cop-No Cop?

At the AI summit where 34 tech giants came together, technology policy man for Trump, Michael Kratsios has been, reportedly, assuring technology giants like Google, Intel, Nvidia and Apple that…