Googly! According To Google, ‘Google.Com’ Is ‘Partially Dangerous’

Admire the Honesty! The company’s own safe browsing tool-a tool that examines ‘billions of URLs’ every day, locating and flagging potentially dangerous websites has now flagged “” as ‘partially dangerous’. is or can be a platform for people trying to scam you, whether forcing you to download malicious software.

Google Launches Android Auto System In India

The other countries include Brazil, India, Chile, Austria, Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Russia, Panama, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru, Switzerland and Uruguay. Android Auto provides information from various apps including Google Maps, Google Play Music, access to phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. and organises them into simple cards.

Google Launches Landline Service With Cloud Technology

Remember landlines? So, Google is planning to bring that era back with a new touch of technology-‘Fiber Phones’.Fiber Phones will be similar to our traditional landlines but with lot more features. They will let us stay connected and we can access it from anywhere.

Google Maps Will Now Show Cab Services On Android Devices

From today you’ll be able to choose from Uber or Ola cab services. If you have a provider’s app installed, you’ll be able to see fare estimates and pick up times and if a car is available near you. The new feature will be available on Android devices and will be soon launched in iOS.

5 New Features For Gmail Users

Using Gmail everyday? Google will start rolling out new features next week which will enhance the experience of the service for its users and makes it more convenient. Snooze with…

Search For 4G Devices Spikes Up By 200%: Google Report

A report by Google has revealed that searches for 4G devices saw a spike of 200% with all the upcoming 4G services by telecom operators. While search for 4G increased, the search giant witnessed a drop of 35% for 3G. 4G devices constitute one third of the shipments in the July-September period.