Rajasthan Govt Announces Startup Policy

It has announced new initiatives in the ‘Rajasthan Startup Festival’. The State Government aims to create 50 incubators and 500 startups. The Government also plans to mobilize Rs 500 crores from Angel and Venture Capitals. The focus areas will be social, cleantech, mobile, IT, and IoT related disruptive ideas.

India Gov Looks To Make Its Portals Accessible To Differently-Abled People

Over 3,000 government web portals will be made friendly for PwDs by July 2016. The Department of Social Justice is roping in ERNET to help build these web portals. The initiative is part of Accessibility India Campaign which is looking to enhance all government documents and web portals to recognized international standards.

Indian Intelligence Agencies Want To Build NSA-Like Capabilities

Indian intelligence agencies are looking to acquire sweeping interception capabilities. The revelation was made by emails leaked by Wikileaks. Sweeping interception will allow Indian agencies keep tabs on a large number of people at once. This could help agencies sidestep the need to get the permission of the Union home minister before interception.

Government Launches KhoyaPaya, A Portal To Help Find Missing Children

It is estimated that over 70,000 children go missing in India each year. KhoyaPaya, is an initiative by the Government of India to use technology to combat cases of missing children. The primary function of the portal is to allow citizens to report cases of missing/found children. Further, parents will be able to upload images of their missing children which can be viewed in real time by watchers.