IBM Watson Assistant gets new features for call centre automation

  • Technology giant IBM has announced new automation-focused capabilities for Watson Assistant, the intelligent virtual agent that can help businesses leverage AI and NLP to address customer issues on first contact.
  • IBM said users with Plus and Enterprise plans can opt for IntelePeer through an add-on and set up a new phone number with a voice agent.
  • Along with the ability to set up voice agents, IBM has made Watson Assistant’s search skill, announced in beta last December, generally available and introduced a new agent app.

IBM’s Telum address $30 bn consumer loss from frauds

Kailash Gopalakrishnan, IBM Fellow and senior manager for accelerator architectures and machine learning at IBM Research explains how Telum’s silicon wafer design will help financial institutions move from fraud detection to fraud prevention.

  • The Telum processor is an enterprise CPU chip and is developed with technology that came from IBM Research.
  • The Telum chip can address any of the machine learning and deep learning models available out there.

IBM and AMD partner to collaborate on AI, HPC and confidential computing

IBM and AMD have now partnered on a multi-year deal to enhance and improve the security and AI (Artificial Intelligence) offerings of both companies. This joint development deal will build upon open-source software and open-architecture to extend confidential computing in hybrid cloud environments and will support a broad range of accelerators in HPC (High Performance Computing) and other important capabilities like encryptions and virtualizations.

 According to Dario Gill, director of IBM research – “The commitment of AMD to technological innovation aligns with our mission to develop and accelerate the adoption of the hybrid cloud to help connect, secure and power our digital world and IBM is focused on giving our clients choice, agility and security in our hybrid cloud offerings through advanced research, development and scaling of new technologies.”

IBM fired 1,00,000 people in recent years to ‘appear trendy’

In an effort to boost its appeal to millennials and to appear cool, IBM fired as many as 1,00,000 employees in recent years. This information was according to a deposition from a former Vice President in an ongoing age discrimination lawsuit.

The company is already facing several lawsuits accusing it of firing aged workers. The company issued a statement saying that 50,000 employees are hired each year.

The number of IBM employees has fallen to its lowest point in the last six years.

Machines are learning to argue with humans #ProjectDebater

After feats like the grand-master chess (remember Deep Blue vs. Garry Kasparov), Rubik’s Cube, Jeopardy, Space X’s space-borne supercomputer; we should have gotten used to being surprised by machines.
But then comes an attempt to equip computers with the ability to ‘truly understand language’ and then be ‘expressive’ – in other words – IBM’s  Project Debater.

Yes, a face-off has already happened between this brainy-machine and two humans in two separate debates. What stood out was Debater’s ability to listen to an opponent’s argument, undermine it, guess arguments for pre-emptive attacks and even try some humour.
Alas, areas like relevant data, human dilemma and suggestion of principled arguments also stood out as its weak spots.

IBM Charged US Govt $1.4 Million For An App; Indian Techie Recreates It In 4 Minutes!

An Indian techie nailed it after he re-created an app in just 4 minutes for which IBM charged $ 1.4 million.

Here’s what happened

So, the US Government’s airport security agency asked IBM to create an app which would help them manage the passengers by randomly directing the people in queues left or right.

To create this, IBM charged $ 1.4 million.

Then Ex-IBM employee, 27 year old Sandesh Suvarna decided to do it all by himself and developed the app in 4 minutes both for Android and iOS! He is currently on his third startup Thappad which is a content aggregator for regional people.

How in 4 minutes?

Watch it it right here!

Seed Funding Initiative Kstart Partners With IBM To Nurture Startup Ecosystem In India

Kalaari Capital’s seed funding program Kstart, which was launched earlier this year to empower startups and accelerate ideas has announced collaboration with technology giant IBM to foster the startup ecosystem in India.

Together, the companies will offer training and mentoring sessions, and Kstart’s entire portfolio of companies will have the opportunity to apply for the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, which provides business mentoring, technical support, networking opportunities with enterprise clients and credits to help entrepreneurs build their applications on IBM Cloud. IBM will also invite Kstart participants to training sessions on cognitive learning, analytics and product design.

In return, Kstart will drive awareness and engagement with IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP), where startups can apply for up to $120,000 in cloud credits to develop and run their applications on IBM Cloud.

“We believe in creating an environment that can foster innovation, which is why we working with Kalaari Capital to encourage and support the startup community in their journeys,” said Nipun Mehrotra, Vice President, Growth Initiatives IBM India/ South Asia.

“We have chosen to work with IBM because of the value of its Global Entrepreneur Program, which aligns with our own core tenants of success, including business mentoring and supportive networks. Collaborating with IBM will help us equip our entrepreneurs with the right expertise and tools to succeed. We welcome our new working relationship with IBM to create impact in India by enabling next-generation startups. We appreciate the support and initiative from IBM to foster the startup community,” said Vani Kola, Venture Capitalist, Kalaari.

Kalaari Capital is an early-stage, technology-focused venture capital firm with $650 million in assets. It has made investments in companies like Snapdeal, Urban Ladder, Simplilearn, Myntra and more.

List Of Startup Winners At IBM GEP SmartCamp From Pune And Mumbai

IBM GEP SmartCamp has announced the winners and finalists for Pune and Mumbai city.

Smartcloud Infotech– Provides Employee Transportation Services for corporate BPOs organizing employee commute is extremely daunting due to large volumes, multiple shifts, time critical operations, lack of automation, personal safety threats (especially for women) and related challenging government regulations.

Perpetuuiti Technosoft Services– It is a global enterprise software company focused on building Software products that address IT Service Continuity & Availability Assurance, Orchestration and Automation challenges for On-Premises or Cloud Deployments. The problem that Perpetuuiti is addressing is quite sizeable.

kPoint– It is a comprehensive enterprise platform for video enabling organizations. The platform gives organizations the power to easily create enhanced video that is internally searchable, demonstrative, and interactive. It is an enterprise wide video solution that integrates with many standard enterprise applications and can be used as a stand alone video tool as well. The platform is delivered as a cloud based service which is responsive and users are not hampered by working with large files. Viewers are given a versatile viewing experience on multiple devices and powerful search capabilities. Security standards are enterprise level and demands on IT for implementation and support are low. The built in analytics engine gives administrators detailed and actionable data on viewership by videos, by users, and heatmaps of viewership along a video’s timeline.

Remedy Social– A developed health risk assessment platform that helps organizations have their employees take a short online risk assessment, to get a snapshot of their health, and then based on the aggregated report of their health we help them make an informed decision regarding their healthcare related investments. We can help them use this platform and also track year-on-year improvement in health.

WoNoBo– Provide a technology platform to businesses for use on their websites as an API. Typical use cases include navigation, real estate, logistics, smart cities and evolving hyperlocal discovery platforms.

LocoBuzz– A SaaS platform which converges Social Media Listening, Data Analytics, email Marketing along with plugins for CRM integration and Customer data enrichment, enabling cross channel marketing and analytics driven Marketing Automation.

Maximojo– The startup simplifies the connect between hotels & distribution agents – online travel sites, GDS, etc. (“As easy as setting up an internet email account”). Answers the hotelier’s key question “what should i price my rooms today?” (analytics, etc)

Banyanpod Technologies– Once the Fropcorn Servers are deployed at any location, they create a WiFi-enabled entertainment hotspot that lets users stream or download full-length movies and short-form content onto their own devices. The USP: the solution is independent of internet and works in data-dark environments, resulting in no data usage for users and consequently, no data costs. It is available at a time when the user is travelling in a bus or train or about to board a flight, where other entertainment options or data access are limited.

Premat Solutions– Any data generated from involved users and processes is collected on a central platform. Managers and Project Owners get insights from the centralized data to help in decisions. The  integrated solutions solve the core problem of project executed in silos, rather than simply replacing one silo by another. The tools for Procurement & Document Management are cost effective by an order of magnitude compared to the tools currently being used.

Takemyshipment– It seeks to provide one stop shop for all logistics needs for businesses. The startup saya that the need for this arose as businesses grapple with the task of finding good transporters at best prices in an efficient, effective, fast and transparent manner.

Bizongo– One of the main reasons behind Bizongo’s birth was the lack of objective specifications and critical information for industrial products on today’s e-commerce platforms. The robust search, extensive data filters and arrangement of products on the website helps a buyer seamlessly navigate on the platform and further reach to his desired product Suppliers, dealers, traders in the Indian business ecosystem use several communication mediums to deal with the buyer.

ePaisa– It provides a free android app and some features are – A robust point of sale solution that handles billing and inventory management requirements works anywhere and doesn’t require huge hardware and software investments. With simplified, industry wise catalogues and barcode commands, onboarding and regularly incoming inventory are a breeze to manage.

Intouch Consumer– Patent-pending non-intrusive data capture technology allows to capture transaction data from any system in a matter of minutes without having to spend a lot of effort on point-to-point integration. Using this technology the startup can collate data from disparate systems, process them centrally on cloud based server using a parser engine and present it to the enterprise as actionable data.

AllizHealth– This startup built a “Health Management Platform” with a focus on the entire care cycle by proactively engaging users from risk identification, disease prevention, surveillance and screening; disease management for periods of illness; care transitions; health promotion; or wellness and education. The platform works on the three key elements of identification, tracking and mitigation; help users identify the health problems early; have options to track such risks and access resources to mitigate the same.

AUREUS ANALYTICS– AUPERA is an advance predictive analytics products that can help insurers identify the most likely to churn / lapse customers. AUPERA leverages data from multiple sources – internal and external, and structured or unstructured – to assign a risk score to individuals. Once the risky customers are identified based on their demographics, interactions and transactions, the insurer can take corrective action to control attrition.

IBM Changes Its Appraisal System, Asks For Performance

Bringing in a new change which aims to enhance productivity of the employees, IBM has abolished its annual appraisal assessment and replaced it with a Checkpoint appraisal system. In the new system, employees will be subjected to four yearly reviews and will be rated on a scale of five.

This will give an immediate feedback to the employees and let them improve their skills. The checkpoint will consider the following aspects of an employee’s performance; Business results, impact on client success, innovation, personal responsibility to others and skills.

The system will now ensure that employees perform in all the quarters of the year and not just one good quarter performance.

The announcement was made by Virginia Rometty, CEO, chairman & president, IBM in a townhall which was held in Bangalore for its employees.


IBM Watson Ecosystem Opens for Business in India

IBM has announced InspireOne Technologies and TEXTIENT as the two India based partners to join the IBM Watson Ecosystem. The companies will begin developing cognitive computing solutions in the region.

InspireOne Technologies is using IBM Watson cognitive APIs in its app development and TEXTIENT is a marketing insights platform tapping Watson to develop real-time brand perception reports.

“The creativity and passion of Indian businesses to introduce cognitive-infused apps to the market is overwhelming, and the region is poised for incredible growth,” said Stephen Gold, vice president for IBM Watson. “As the first Indian partners to join the Watson Ecosystem, InspireOne Technologies and TEXTIENT are excellent examples of how cognitive technology will help transform the region and the world.”

InspireOne Technologies is a professional development organization that is embedding Watson in its Supernova application to empower employees to develop their leadership capabilities. Supernova uses Watson’s Sentiment Analysis and Natural Language Classifier APIs to analyze corporate emails, enabling Supernova to deliver evidence-based insights so managers can refine their own leadership capabilities and areas for development.

TEXTIENT is a SaaS platform for brand, marketing and customer insights. It allows marketers to quickly gain strategic and actionable insights from social media posts about the impact of a marketing action or the competitive differentiation of their brand.

TEXTIENT uses Watson’s Personality Insights API along with sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and concept extraction to automatically generate a comprehensive Brand-Essence Report in a matter of minutes.

IBM also expanded within the Indian health sector late last year by announcing Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, as the first client in India to deploy Watson.

The Watson ecosystem with an advanced and diverse cognitive computing platform, now represents more than 500 ecosystem partners across 17 industries and disciplines, claims the company.

A Look At IBM GEP SmartCamp’s Delhi City Winners [Enterprise Startups]

IBM GEP SmartCamp announces 16 promising enterprise startups as the final winners for their Delhi City Finals.

SmartCamp provides a platform for B2B startups to showcase their product/service before a panel comprising of VC’s, Directors, and entrepreneurs. Their regional rounds will see startups to showcasing their solutions before CIOs and a larger audience as well. Additionally, the competition also offers a grand bouquet of prizes for the top 30 and top 10 winners.

Here is the list of Winners from Delhi City:

ShepHertz App42 Platform is a cloud ecosystem for building OmniChannel Apps & to manage and leverage actionable BigData generated by Apps.


SalesPands has built a solution for Digital Marketing Automation. Their Solution helps companies automate a large part of Digital marketing like website engagement /lead conversion, content creation, SEO suggestions, social sharing, email marketing and content management/blogging. Businesses can use the product with one single resource without any technical know-how. In addition we provide point services like content writing, ad placement, advanced SEO to SalesPanda customers.

In the long run, we intend to run SalesPanda like a SaaS software with value added services (called SalesPanda plus) delivered by outsourced empanelled vendors. We already have a pool of 20 digital marketing vendors delivering services for our existing clients profitably.


Sirion enables effective governance of complex services suppliers to drive improved supplier performance and reduced value leakage. Sirion simplifies the management of key suppliers by automating the full spectrum of contracts, performance, financial, risk and relationship management on a single, integrated platform.
Realbox Data Analytics Private Limited
We help businesses to get there business analyzed in real-time, raise trigger if the performance goes down. Create and manage customer profile and use, it to do targeted marketing, personalizing offers for each guest. Increase loyalty and repeat business while they track it hence giving a definite rise in the sales up to 20%. We hold a published patent in customer profiling and personalizing, customer experience.

SalezShark is an unique platform largely solving the problem of Sales reps and marketeers. Most of the systems are largely built around the management however we break the legacy and offer much more to the sales guys to help them grow their sales.

Phonon Communications Pvt Ltd

Our platform gives an instant call-back to a lead connecting the lead with the most relevant sales agent in a matter of minutes. We further track the source of the lead so that the context for the conversation is already in place. Through our Click-to-Call™ service, customers have seen:
• Over 100% increase in first contact rate (from sub 50% –> >95% connect rates)
• 150%+ increase in lead qualification rate (for the same medium as compared to when Click-to-Call was not used).
A Forrester Research study showed that for those using Click-to-Call™:
• Average order value increase: 23%
• 88% customers who used online call to action like Click-to-Call™ would have given up orders (Only 12% cannibalized) if not offered the service “We help enterprises leverage the moment of truth, getting in touch with the customers, right when the customers need them.”

SilverEdge Technology Pvt. Ltd
We bridge the gap between online and offline advertising techniques and understand what the customer wants and has to say. We are a technology marketing platform that does cross-device mapping solution that helps big brands to understand user behavior by mapping data points generated by multiple devices into a unique mapping id. SP provide Real Time TV Analytics and Mobile User Engagement, moving along from online to offline and vice versa along with the customer preferences.

SilverPush helps companies make better decisions faster, which helps them grow sales and market share at a global scale. We are the goto platform for brands to understand if their TV commercial made waves on social media and other platforms or not. Our clients do not wait until next sales cycle to know if their campaign worked, they know it when they want to know it.

We have designed a CRM/fleet manager systems built on top of Open Source CRM package and completely integrated that with android an app for billing & payment automation modernized our garage with RFID & IR scanning devices for automatic car entry into garage/service hub & auto allocation of bookings to vendors after quality check

Fringe TechLabs Pvt. Ltd.
Eradicating manual trip sheet for large corporates employee road transportation. On the spot invoicing/ automated billing at release of car, eradicating manual operations like booking, car dispatch, and tracking. Automated detailed MIS on daily basis
Since PerksMe is a digital way of distributing Perks & bonuses, it becomes very easy for an HR person to perform the entire action on a single click.

Gesture Research
Our product provides touch-less access to the systems saving the time/efforts required to gain physical access. Considering the above example scrub time during the surgery. which is 15-20 mins of a surgeon’s time during the surgery.

Proof Of Performance Data Services Pvt Ltd
PoP has three business units:
1. Compliance audit services are undertaken for brands like Star TV, BJP, Aircel, Telenor, etc. across 1500+ towns in India, using PoP’s ground force of associates using an Android App. The data is validated and reports are sent, that are relied upon by the brands while paying their advertising agencies.

2. PoP captures ratings, visibility index, demographic profiling of audience, driving patterns and traffic counts for various billboards and media assets. A competitive dashboard also gives the advertising expenditure across verticals. Other measurement projects are done for retail studies, audience measurement are also undertaken.

3. BookmyOOH is a B2B Ecommerce platform for the OOH Industry, which is used for Planning, Deploying, Auditng and Analyzing the OOH campaigns for Brands. It uses data analytics to produce data driven, programmatic campaign plans and do automated buying, using the wealth of data collected by the ground teams, which was high definition video of 30+ cities in India, by using vehicle mounted infrastructure. Over 50,000+ media asset, 750+ hrs of video & 12000 kms were covered in every month over two years. BookmyOOH algorithms use load balancing to issue flex printing orders, trigger logistics to pick and deliver across locations, use audit reports to settle payments in near real-time.

XLPAT TT Consultants Pvt Ltd

XLPAT uses big data techniques on technology databases to automate technology development, R&D functions and business analytics such as mergers, acquisition, technology licensing and patent searching. XLPAT uses API technology and is now the world’s biggest source of technical information. It is also the most intelligent compilation of technologies for Technology analytics. Our breakthrough technology is based upon Machine Learning, NLP techniques, linkages and is backed by about 70+ million documents with a collection of almost all of the issued patents and applications worldwide.

It further extracts its intelligence from technologies like IBM Watson, IBM AlchemyAPI, Carrot Search’s Lingo3G and knowledge from our years of experience in IPR. The company has recently tied up with LexisNexis and is now in a profit sharing engagement that combines our intelligence with data from Lexis. The platform has been developed in collaboration with IIT and ISB and has the potential to capitalize millions through automation and innovation.

Qustn Technologies Pvt Ltd
Using Qustn’s Capabiliti platform – a company can recruit, onboard, train, assess and more using a mobile first platform that can be taken live in 30 minutes flat. Our platform has been built to manage the various issues that typically impact any such initiatives that get rolled out in companies (and usually result in them not being successful), including managing data charges, ensuring that the system works even if there is limited internet connectivity, as well as ensuring complete drill down tracking – all available over a simple web based dashboard, using which the company can track, engage and do more with the users to ensure impact.

SignCatch Inc
SignCatch offers an integrated cloud based product-listing engine, which, with the help of web-services and relevant APIs, enables sharing product catalog across devices and sales platforms by simply checking boxes.
• One stop product/catalog management! • Advanced reporting • Single window order fulfillment • Pricing recommendations • Inventory reconciliation across channels • Synchronized promotions

Staqu Technologies
Automated Image Description,Visual Search and Visual Recommendation. You can’t describe everything in text for searching, therefore we are providing image to image search technology based on Deep learning based technologies.

IBM GEP Smartcamp To Commence South Regional Finals Today In Bangalore, Registrations For Delhi And Mumbai Open

The IBM GEP Smartcamp held across several cities in the South has announced the Regional Finalists. There are 15 B2B Startups chosen to showcase their applications today at Bangalore.

Smartcamp is also conducting their competition in Delhi and Mumbai as well. The last date of registrations for the Delhi event is November 14th and for Mumbai is November 20th.

Following Are The Bangalore Regional Finalists:
StoreONGO (“ONGO”) is a platform through which businesses (whether small, medium or large) can generate Mobile Apps (Native and Web) and Business Pages through five simple steps without knowing coding or technology ONGO platform provides two Apps (i) Admin App – for business owners and (ii) Consumer App – for customers of business In addition, ONGO offers important analytics for the businesses and helps them stay one step ahead.

Meltag’s is used by marketers of leading brand to weave a seamless shopper engagement workflow and provide an omni-channel experience across Text (SMS), Voice (IVR/Missed Call), Twitter, FB, PoS and mobile apps. Meltag’s consumer insights platform helps companies Map and process external research data (offline) and digital consumer interactions using machine learning to segment, target and profile consumers.

The platform would capture insights / data points such as Demographic Age, Income Group, Marital Status, Education, Family Size, Gender, Geographic Location, Social Circles, Occupation Psychographic Brand Preferences, Price Sensitivity, Conservative/Liberal, Green Consious , Hobbies, Lifestyle, Information Sources, Service Preference, Buying trends, Spontaneous, Risk Aversion, Loyalty and Likes & Dislikes Behavioral (Native Brand engagement data) Purchase History, Where they shop, Preferred Medium/ Connect Channel, Store preferences, Membership Affinity , Internet Usage, Impulsiveness, Social/ Sharing Index

The resulting information / Consumer Insights would be used by brands for : 1) New Product / Service launch 2) Re-marketing initiatives for retention 3) Up-Sell and Cross-Sell 4) User Acquisition 5) Predictive retention rewards and targeted re-marketing.

The platform connects transportation service providers in real-time with SME’s who need their services using GPS technology. By reducing empty trips and waiting time, they increase the revenue for the driver.

Harmony automates the entire label and artwork management collaboration process in real time. The system allows you to link checklist points directly to the regulatory guidelines which are used to review the artwork such as critical checks for brand elements, regulatory guidelines around content, accuracy of dates and manufacturing details etc. The system has an inbuilt proof-reader (text and pixel) to compare the print ready artwork to the approved master file. Reports and dashboards can be generated for performance management and business metric analysis. The system is also integrated with the document management system to manage the history of documents for later reuse.

The enterprise security features of the platform enables the administrator to control the access of third party vendors and users (internal and external) based on several parameters such as timezone, device accessibility etc. It has been validated by all the existing clients and is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines of FDA. The platform also has a regulatory information system that keeps track of product registrations and renewals.

Medibox Technologies LLP
Medibox is a location based “Healthcare Information & Analytics Platform” for digitally connected devices. This on-demand SaaS (software as a service) platform on cloud uses collaborative intelligence to provide real-time visibility and accurate information on healthcare, medicines and medical services. This end-to-end information aggregator provides insights, root cause analytics & response management tools.

The services are free for individuals & patients. Pharma and healthcare stakeholders use its enterprise version. They have listed over 1,70,000 pharmacies, 12,000 distributors and 500 pharmaceutical companies that supplier over 100K brands. They claim their listing using an authenticated procedure. The platform provides various tools such as to develop digital network for supply chain, campaigns, brand promotions and analytics in integrated system. Pharmaceutical supply chain is highly fragmented due to which there is inaccessibility of data at secondary sales information. They solve this problem by creating digital supply chain that complements existing physical supply chain.

Tagalys allows online retailers to increase revenues, by providing features that enhance user engagement and conversions. The market is worth $10B to $15B in North America.

Appiyo Technologies
The platform introduces 3 unique capabilities – “Loaded Buttons”, provided the ability to send programmed buttons along with messages. Pressing the button triggers a predefined business logic. For example the buttons can be used to approve tasks, make payment, etc – “Forms Shipping”, provides the ability to send user experience (UI) forms along with messages. These forms can be used to collect data and perform a configured task. – “Embedded Commands”, provides the ability to send commands as text messages which will interpreted by an engine at the back end and perform a programmed routine.

The platform/solutions is also supported by a frugal BPM engine on the cloud which engages with the messenger to make these actionable tasks happen. The BPM engine is a first of its kind which comes under 10MB memory footprint and is able to exist with-in cloud containers. The BPM engine also easily integrates the messenger with enterprise systems.

Whatfix (Quicko Technosoft Labs Pvt Ltd)
With Whatfix anyone can create interactive guides, which provides step by step instructions right inside the applications helping users complete a task, whereby encouraging self-learning and increasing engagement. Interactive guides with Whatfix can be created in just few clicks (under 5 mins) and integrated across all user touch points as slideshow, articles, videos, widgets and links and helping organizations to tremendously improve training and documentation efficiency.

Lightmetrics (Kaalbi Technologies Pvt Ltd)
ShieldSquare’s revolutionary technology helps detect bot patterns using a seamless API+JavaScript integration approach. Websites are empowered in real-time to stop the bot traffic and ensure their business is protected. The technology is a combination of dynamic bot challenge system(non intrusive to the user), behaviour pattern analysis, device and network profiling from where the website is accessed to identify, detect, assess and protect against bot activity on the website.

Worxogo solutions Pvt. Ltd.
The conceptual underpinning of Worxogo product has 3 pillars—Enterprise Design Thinking (the Intersection of business, people and technology frames), – Behaviour Design ( including deployment of game mechanics) and – Digital Technology (that engages the individual and enables their actions). Their proprietary PersuAct Engine works on the convergence of these three pillars to drive a successful enterprise transformation initiative. Their PersuAct Engine has currently been deployed across 3 areas – Sales Transformation, Supplier Transformation and Innovation management.

Trans Neuron Technologies
The platform on one side helps in developing better Engineering Students by providing – Free Industry Specific Courses on Emerging Technologies plus their regular engineering subjects – Power to practice Labs 24 x 7, by bringing all Computer Science programming labs on the cloud – Industry Projects and Internships – Online Tuition classes and on the other hand, connect the students with Industry leaders, Counsellors and HRs for giving guidance on – Higher Studies – Jobs and – Startup. They are alos integrating their platform with IBM Watson to bring analytics to learning and with IBM Bluemix to help them develop their ideas into products and then connect them to VCs and Angel investors.

Flutura Business Solutions Private Limited
Flutura aims to build Cerebra NanoApps for the energy industry using IOT data. These NanoApps are small footprint business applications solving targeted business problems.

Pickcel is “the Inmobi of Public Screens”. They are aiming to create an Ad aggregation platform through which advertisers can come to platform and create campaign in the Public Screens. The platform also enables Publishers (with public digital displays) to easily plug in their digital screens to the platform and start earning revenue. Pickcel IOS (Internet of Screen) solution has two parts – 1) Pickcel Manager that provides advertisers a dashboard to launch their Advertisement and manage them. 2) Pickcel Player is that can be connected to TV or TAB or mobile to play advertisement at specific time-slot.

Preksh Innovations Pvt Ltd

Preksh offer “Visual Commerce Marketplace” – a patented (files) technology – which enables consumers to virtually walk-through real-life stores and shop for their favorite products online. Their platform helps to engage with the customers online apart from store brand promotion and driving more footfalls to offline stores.

Parablu, Inc.
ParaBlu’s CASB is a software based solution which works in tandem with data management applications like Backup/Recovery and EFSS to ensure that any data persisted in cloud storage outside the enterprise is encrypted with keys known only to the enterprise. A good analogy is to think of a safe deposit locker that one may rent at a bank. A customer who rents such a locker never really places his/her trust in the bank entirely – he/she always brings home a key which ensures that the locker cannot be opened in their absence. Digital assets that enterprises store in the cloud are similarly valuable and unless they use a CASB solution like ParaBlu, they’re leaving the keys with the “bank” (in this case the cloud vendor). To be truly secure the enterprise needs to have exclusive access to the keys that will unlock those digital assets – and that’s what ParaBlu ensures.