IBM and AMD partner to collaborate on AI, HPC and confidential computing

IBM and AMD have now partnered on a multi-year deal to enhance and improve the security and AI (Artificial Intelligence) offerings of both companies. This joint development deal will build upon open-source software and open-architecture to extend confidential computing in hybrid cloud environments and will support a broad range of accelerators in HPC (High Performance Computing) and other important capabilities like encryptions and virtualizations.  According to Dario Gill, director of IBM research – “The commitment of AMD to technological innovation aligns with our mission to develop and accelerate the adoption of the hybrid cloud to help connect, secure and power our digital world and IBM is focused on giving our clients choice, agility and security in our hybrid cloud offerings through advanced research, development and scaling of new technologies.”

IBM Changes Its Appraisal System, Asks For Performance

IBM has abolished its annual appraisal assessment and replaced it with a Checkpoint appraisal system. Employees will now be subjected to four yearly reviews and will be rated on a five. It will consider; Business results, impact on client success, innovation, personal responsibility to others and skills.

IBM Watson Ecosystem Opens for Business in India

The companies will begin developing cognitive computing solutions in the region.InspireOne Technologies is using IBM Watson cognitive APIs in its app development and TEXTIENT is a marketing insights platform tapping Watson to develop real-time brand perception. Manipal Hospital had earlier deployed Watson.