Public cloud services spending to touch $7.3 billion in India

  • India’s cloud adoption has accelerated since the pandemic started and the double-digit growth in the public cloud is expected to continue in the next year as well, according to research and advisory firm Gartner.
  • The country’s public cloud services end-user spending is forecast to total $7.3 billion in 2022, up 29.6% from the previous year.
  • Initiatives aimed at building a skilled cloud workforce in collaboration with private IT service providers will aid the government’s effort of strengthening the public cloud ecosystem in the country, the research firm noted.

India Inc projected to pay 9.4% salary hike in 2022, a four-year high

  • India Inc projected to pay 9.4% salary hike in 2022, a four-year high.
  • NEW DELHI : India Inc. is projected to pay an average 9.4% salary hike in 2022, a four-year high as companies turn positive about economic recovery, build resilience and a talent war picks up effecting a high attrition rate of 20%. According to AON annual salary survey the 2022 projection of an average 9.4% salary increase is a sign of strong economic recovery and improved consumer sentiment also underlines a brewing talent war.
  • The 9.4% average pay hike is highest in six years except 2018 when the average increment was 9.5%. To be sure, the 2021 average pay hike of 8.8% pay hike was higher than the expected pay hike of 7.7% as the economy opened up, and the companies became resilient to deal with the second wave and manage their growth.

Brother-sister duo spends 10 days in a car-turned-ward, beats all odds to save their COVID positive mom

The pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. Children had to learn remotely, businesses have shut down, and people have lost their jobs. 

Millions of children are grieving the loss of family members, including grandparents. Millions are running from pillars to poles to save every last breath of their loved ones….

This is the story of two siblings who defeated all the odds to save their mother who tested positive for coronavirus. 

Payal Singh, who is 25-years-old and Akash, who is 23-years-old drove to Lucknow from Lakhimpur Kheri for their mother’s dialysis. Every time after their hospital visit, they would return home. Only this time, things took a turn. 

Meanwhile, the mother, Parul Singh developed fever and was advised to conduct an RT-PCR COVID test. As their mother was a suspected case of COVID-19, they had no other option but to stay in the car in the hospital’s parking lot

Parul Singh tested positive for coronavirus and her oxygen level started dropping. Meanwhile, the hospital authorities refused to conduct dialysis. 

The siblings did not manage to find a hospital that had an oxygen-supported bed. Fortunately, the brother-sister duo arranged oxygen cans that lasted for a while. 

Until her condition improved, the mother, the brother, and the sister stayed back in the car. Owing to their perseverance and hope and providing constant care, Parul Singh’s condition improved. 

Due to lack of hospitalization, the treatment was carried out inside the car where the three stayed. To maintain her oxygen level, proning was also done on the backseat of their car. 

After intense and exhausting hours, their father bought an oxygen cylinder. “We even sent our dad home as senior citizens are easily susceptible to the virus,” she said

The tale continued. They could not arrange for a bed again on the next day. The family had to spend another day in the car. 

The mother was then finally admitted to the Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences (RMLIMS). Akash Payal, meanwhile, has mild symptoms. He remained isolated in the car, while Payal managed the crisis.  The siblings only had masks and gloves to protect themselves and were forced to use public restrooms while they staying in the car. 

This proves we got any extent to save our loved ones during a crisis. Our ability to come together and fight as one is truly special. 

Salute to the dedication showed by the siblings to save their mother. It is the hope that got them out of this deadly crisis. They are our unsung heroes! #covidwarriors. 

Meet Shyamli Badgaiyan, student of Harvard Business School who raised $160,000 to support India

With the COVID-19 cases skyrocketing every day, we are seeing more and more people coming forward to help each other, to assist, and offer help in every possible way. Many countries from around the world are coming forward to support India amid a huge shortage of medical supplies. 

Likewise, a student of Harvard Business School is among those who did not just sit back and watch India suffering. But with all the Josh, she quickly raised more than $160,000 with the help of other students from 20 other universities. 

Shyamli Badgaiyan along with Priyank Lathwal, a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University, organized “South Asian student organizations” across her university and from 20 other universities, including Stanford, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgetown, MIT, Northwestern University, Tufts, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Her contribution towards helping India has gained a wide appreciation not only from the common people but also from Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. 

Tharoor tweeted, “Proud of Shyamli Badgaiyan, who had worked with my MP office in Delhi. Idealism & commitment never wear out!”

The student-led initiative is using a united platform to collect funds and pass them to organizations in India to enhance oxygen supply, procure protective equipment, and other medical supplies. 

In a time we hopelessly running from one end to another to keep our family safe, these samaritans are proving that there is still hope and light left between us! Kudos to Shyamli!!!Do you have a story for us? Tell us, we will tell the world!!  #Covidwarriours

China suffers great losses in India as local traders cross Rs 72,000 crores in Diwali sales

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has said the Diwali sales in major markets across the festive season has jumped to as high as Rs. 72,000 crores and this has happened despite there being a total ban on all Chinese products.

 It is expected that the Chinese traders have suffered losses up to Rs. 40,000 crores. CAIT had earlier issued a call to boycott all Chinese products following the skirmishes seen between these two neighbors.

Dutchman reportedly attacked in Lucknow for using rainbow colored payments card

In some disturbing news, a Dutch tourist was reportedly attacked in Lucknow by homophobic bystanders who thought he was gay since he was paying with a rainbow colored payments card from a Dutch company called Bunq.

While the colors on the card don’t match the rainbow flag exactly, it is well known that the flag is used as a symbol by the LGBTQ community. The report states that 8-10 men made homophobic remarks and beat him up after which he was admitted to a hospital for injuries to his face and head.

While we haven’t been able to verify this story independently, the company has released this news on their official social media and it has been reported on a Dutch news portal too. One must concede that it does not sound out of the realm of possibility considering how rampant homophobia is in India.

It is pertinent to note that the Supreme Court of India decriminalized homosexuality in September 2018 and also asserted in its judgement relating to the right to privacy that ‘the protection of sexual orientation lies at the core of the fundamental rights… [guaranteed under the Indian Constitution]’.

Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop gets first nod

The hyperloop brought to limelight by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space, was tested by Richard Branson, a British investor who backed Virgin hyperloop one.

With the Maharashtra government giving a final nod for constructing hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune, India is in the lead to host the first hyperloop transportation system.

India may be the front runner, but UAE is also making strides to open its first 10km stretch in 2020. Though hyperloop is energy and time saving, land acquisition and safety standards still pose a challenge.