Instagram unveils its ‘ stricter approach ‘ to keep teens safe

  • On the eve of a Senate subcommittee hearing, the platform shares plans for taking a ‘stricter approach’ to content it shows users under 18
  • Among the measures, the popular photo-sharing service will be implementing tools to help users take breaks, or view new topics if they’ve been dwelling on one thing for too long, said Instagram head Adam Mosseri in a blog post.
  • Instagram will send notifications to teens after they’ve been using the app for 20 minutes to suggest they activate Take a Break reminders, Instagram spokeswoman Liza Crenshaw said.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, to testify before US Congress amid probes on platform’s impact on young users

  • Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, will be testifying before the US Congress as criticism mounts over concerns related to the safety of young users on the platform.
  • The Instagram chief highlighted a series of features and updates that the Meta-owned photo-sharing platform has introduced for the safety of young users, emphasizing parental controls apart from changes such as making young teens’ accounts private by default and restricting the kinds of ads they see.
  • The platform has been under the scanner after former employee and whistleblower Frances Haugen made a series of revelations about the social media major including internal research by Facebook and Instagram on the platforms’ impact on teenagers and young girls in terms of their mental health.

Instagram plans to put an end to the Threads app

  • If you liked this feature, then don’t worry as it seems that the same will also be made available in the original Instagram app when the company plans to shut down Threads, as per a report
  • It should be noted that Instagram will drop its support for Threads by the end of December.
  • While Instagram hasn’t revealed the exact reason behind shutting Threads, the company’s spokesperson did say that the platform is now focusing on improving the experience of Instagram users.

Instagram’s now allows users to add music on their feed posts In India, Brazil And Turkey

  • The Meta-owned video and photo sharing platform has started testing the ability for people to add music to their feed posts with select users in India, Brazil, and Turkey.
  • It’s worth noting that Instagram already allows users to add music to other formats such as its ephemeral Stories format and short video offering Reels.
  • In July, Instagram also tested a feature called ‘Collab’ in India and the United Kingdom that lets users add another account as a collaborator on a post or a Reel.

Rage shake your phone to report a problem : Instagram

  • This feature will give Instagram feedback that will help it prioritize bug fixes, Instagram head Mosseri said.
  • When you have a photo carousel open in the app, go to the three dots menu at the top right, hit edit, swipe to the photo you want to get rid of, and you’ll see a delete icon in the top left that will let you remove it from the carousel.
  • The carousel feature is iOS only for now, but all US Instagram users can rage shake right away, regardless of platform.

Instagram is now using video selfies for identity verification

  • Instagram is now started asking for video selfies for identity verification, as per the screenshots shared by the social media consultant Matt Navara.
  • Instagram is now using video selfies to confirm users’ identities.
  • The cited source suggested that Instagram isn’t asking for a video selfie verification to all the existing accounts for now and the new accounts are reportedly getting a prompt to verify their identity via a short selfie video clip.

Instagram starts testing ‘Take a Break’ feature to encourage healthy App usage.

  • Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri on Wednesday announced the test for the long-awaited feature.
  • As Mosseri described in an accompanying video, when a user opts into the feature, it encourages them to take a break from Instagram after they spend a certain duration of time on the app at 10, 20, or 30-minute intervals.
  • Instagram has worked with third-party experts for advice on what tips to offer and how to frame taking a break, Mosseri said.

Scammer fooled Instagram into believing its own boss is dead by sending them a fake obituary

  • Instagram locked the head of the platform out of his own account after a scammer sent a fake obituary claiming Adam Mosseri had passed away.
  • Instagram will thereafter prevent anyone logging into a memorialized account and making changes to photos and will slap the word ‘Remembering’ next to the profile’s name.
  • The scammer shared with Motherboard their e-mail exchange with Instagram’s tech support team, in which they appear to have all too easily passed off a fake obituary in the name of Adam Mosseri on his gullible staff.