No Internet. No Cab Bookings: ‘How will we pay our EMIs?’, ask 1200+ drivers in Assam

“Our business runs on mobile internet and for the last seven days, we are facing a very difficult situation, we are unable to feed our families, recently one of our young drivers came and cried in front of me, he was unable to buy even half a litre of milk for his child. I was helpless. How do I help him, you tell me. Many of us have to pay EMI of Rs 10,000 on a regular basis. Some are frustrated to the core and thinking of committing suicide,” Ismail Ali, president of All Assam Cab Operators Union told Firstpost. The All Assam Cab Operators Union has threatened to start an aggressive movement against the government if mobile internet services are not resumed. Over 1200+ Ola and Uber drivers fear if the mobile internet services are not resumed as soon as possible they will become defaulters of bank car loans.