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Indian Cab Industry : Survival of the fittest

Recent news on Softbank, writing off its investment in OLA; and change in revenue model by Uber; clearly validate the below hypothesis which was published in my previous article. Hypothesis# 1: – Cab aggregators are not working towards answering the most important question of this industry...

Meru Cabs Launches Ride-Share Feature In Delhi

Meru customers will be provided with an option of sharing their Meru Cabs ride with other co-passenger who intends to travel in the same direction. A fixed 30% discount on the estimated trip fare will be applicable and customers will be charged a fixed fare which will be communicated to them before...

Meru Cabs Partners With Europe’s Taxis G7 to Launch eCab

Meru Cabs will now offer international travelers and Indian people alike, with a single app eCab, wherever eCab is operational (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, and now India). International travelers can use Meru Cabs services through their eCab mobile app while traveling to India.

Meru Cabs Launches CarPool Service

CarPool offers the ‘Personal Car’ ride sharing option for people traveling in the same direction or area. All you need to do is register on the Meru app and Meru will do an elementary verification (driving license/PAN details) after which you can look up other registered members.