Microsoft says that North Korean and Russian hackers are targeting Covid-19 vaccine work

Microsoft also said that many of these hacking attempts in recent months were unsuccessful and most of these attempts were made on 7 drug companies based in USA, Canada, India, France and South Korea. Microsoft has blamed the attacks on three distinct hacker groups based in North Korea and Russia.  Microsoft said the hackers groups are targeting these companies with spearphishing emails which masquerade as representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) and enter these companies.

Microsoft adds Hindi to its Text Analytics to strengthen Sentiment Analysis support

Microsoft has announced the addition of Hindi to its Text Analytics service to support customer Sentiment Analysis for businesses and organizations. Using this service, businesses and organizations can now find out what people think of their brand or topic as Text Analytics enables analyzing Hindi text. This will help brands reach out to Hindi-speaking customers to understand the customer’s sentiment about their products and services. Using this service, businesses and organizations can understand user feedback better.

Microsoft and Eros Now deliver Internet to remote parts in India

Microsoft announced that in partnership with Eros Now, it has now successfully delivered internet to customers in the low-internet regions in India. This month-long pilot project took help from Microsoft Azure, Eros Now and Novopay to ensure successful content delivery for browsing and downloading to users in remote parts of India. Ravi Krishnaswamy, the Corporate Vice President Azure Global Industry, Microsoft also said “By helping customers in low bandwidth locations across India access the content of their choice, we can expand retail distribution opportunities, help media partners connect with more customers, and help customers connect with stories and content they love,”

Microsoft wants to capture all of the carbon dioxide it’s ever emitted

Microsoft aims to becoming carbon negative by 2030, meaning that it plans to draw down more planet-heating carbon dioxide than it emits The company has been carbon neutral since 2012, canceling out its emissions by purchasing renewable energy and carbon offsets. It has started charging an internal fee on its business units for the greenhouse gases they generate as a way to get its divisions to slash their emissions.

Microsoft Ends Support For Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10

Microsoft will end support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 from today. Microsoft will notify the users with an ‘End of Life’ notification and provide few final patches. The users will need to download the latest version of Internet Explorer (11) and along with Windows 10 Microsoft had also launched Edge.

Microsoft Launches Surface Pro 4 And Surface Pro 3 In India

Surface Pro 4, priced at Rs 89,990 will be exclusively available on Amazon and users can start placing orders from today. The device will be available in three variants. Also, a customer cannot order more than three units. Mircosoft has also launched Surface Pro 3 in four variants and is priced at Rs. 73,990.

Microsoft Develops A Linux-Based OS for Networking Devices

Microsoft’s Linux based OS named Azure Cloud Switch (ACS) is built for devices like switches and routers. ACS wilalso run Switch Abstraction Interface to support multiple platforms and hardware with flexible capabilities to scale down the software and develop features required for better networking.