Microsoft Develops A Linux-Based OS for Networking Devices

Microsoft’s Linux based OS named Azure Cloud Switch (ACS) is built for devices like switches and routers. ACS wilalso run Switch Abstraction Interface to support multiple platforms and hardware with flexible capabilities to scale down the software and develop features required for better networking.

Windows 10 Is Now Running On 75 Million Devices

Microsoft has got that many copies of Windows 10 on PCs in less than a month since its launch. Windows 10 is now active on devices in 192 countries and there are more than 90,000 unique PC or tablet models running the software. The oldest devices running Windows 10 are from 2007.

Microsoft Launches Cortana For Android As A Public Beta

The public beta version of the software can now be launched via a long press on the Home button. However, given limitations for non-native apps in Android, Cortana can’t toggle settings, and can’t be triggered with the “Hey Cortana” hotword.

Once Activated, You Don’t Need A Product Key To Reinstall Windows 10

Microsoft has begun saving the Windows 10 activation status for a device online. The move makes clean installing Windows on a PC a much easier task. Once a copy of Windows 10 is activated, the company stores a digital entitlement alongside your device ID. Clean installing the same version of Windows 10 on the same hardware will then require no product key.

iOS Suffers 6% Drop In Enterprise Activations During Q2 2015 [Android Gains]

Apple continues to hold the lead with 64% activations in the enterprise mobile space. Android device activations grew by 6% to 32% while Windows activations remained flat at 4%. iOS’ biggest losses were in the tablet market where iPad activations fell from 81% to 64% while Android grew from 15% to 25% and Windows grew from 4% to 11%.

Microsoft Launches Lite Version Of Windows 10 To Powers IoT Devices

Windows 10 IoT Core will run on the Raspberry Pi 2 and Minnowboard Max. There are no windowed interface or desktop experience. Devs have to build their own universal app that functions as the interface of the device. Windows 10 IoT Core also brings improvements such as better support for Python and Node.js and APIs for Windows Universal Apps.

Microsoft Launches Translator App To Challenge Google

The app runs on everything from a smartwatch to a tablet and supports both Apple and Google’s device ecosystems. Users can either speak or type phrases into Microsoft Translator which can translate into 50 different languages. Microsoft is taking on Google in a space where the latter is dominant, however, Google’s translate supports just 27 languages.

Microsoft Open Sources Toolkit For Porting iOS Apps To Windows 10

Codenamed Project Islandwood, the toolkit was first announced at Microsoft’s Build conference. The preview of the Windows Bridge for iOS recently became available on GitHub under an MIT open-source licence. The final version will come out a little later this year, coinciding with the Visual Studio 2015 update.

Microsoft Details New Features Of Outlook On The Web

The latest version of Outlook on the web will roll out to Office 365 subscribers whose plan includes Exchange Online and have signed up for Microsoft’s First Release program. Changes include the addition of an Action bar, the ability to pin items in your inbox, improved single line view, and changes to Calendar.

Microsoft Acquires Sales Gamification Platform FantasySalesTeam

Microsoft has acquired Incent Games, the developer of sales gamification platform FantasySalesTeam. FantasySalesTeam is meant to boost sales productivity, drive revenue and improve CRM adoption and will be integrated into Microsoft’s own Dynamics CRM line. The company says it will continue to support non-Microsoft CRM platforms with the offering.

Guide To Upgrading/Clean Installing Windows 10 On Your PC

If you haven’t gotten the update for Windows 10 yet, you can use the media creation tool to forcefully upgrade. Clean installing Windows 10 on your PC before updating is a bit problematic since your Windows 7/8 product key isn’t the same as the one Windows 10 requires. It’s recommended that you update to the new OS, find the new product key and then run the clean install.

Microsoft Registers 14mn Windows 10 Installs In The First 24 Hours

The company notes that it is rolling out Windows 10 to users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in phases. Not everyone who has registered for the Windows 10 upgrade has received it yet, so the number of installs is expected to continue to rise for a while. Uers can also clean install Windows 10 on their systems by downloading the ISO from the Microsoft website.

Microsoft Launches Windows 10 As A Free Upgrade Worldwide

Windows 10 was unveiled back in September 2014. Since then Microsoft has worked with 5mn Windows Insiders to build out the product. Windows 10 will bring back the start menu, port Cortana over to the desktop and bring massive security and performance upgrades. The software will also be available pre-installed on partner OEM devices from today.

Microsoft Launches Send, An Email App That Works Like Instant Messaging

Send offers users a quick text message like experience, but all messages are routed through Outlook. There aren’t any subject lines or formal email constructs in Send. Sending messages is very similar to sending an SMS, but all communication is accessible in Outlook. Send is currently available only on the iPhone but Windows Phone and Android support is coming soon.