Zuckerberg Talks About Net Neutrality And Free Basics

Zuckerberg breaks the ice on the ongoing net neutrality debate in India at a Q&A held at IIT-D: “Facebook supports all principles of net neutrality, even though countries are still working on developing a standard rule”. Free Basics is a ‘discovery platform’ that helps people connect to the internet for free, he adds.

Facebook Wants You To Like Internet.Org; Either Now, Or Later

Facebook users in India have been seeing a pop-up message asking them to support Internet.org. However, the message lacks the option to answer with ‘no’ and instead only allows users to postpone hitting ‘yes’. The move comes at a time when the DoT panel on Net Neutrality proposed against having services such as Internet.org in India.

DoT Says Zero Rating Plans Must Adhere To Net Neutrality Principles

The DoT’s report on net neutrality has said that Zero rate plans would have to offer the same terms for all content providers if they are to be free. The report added that any attempt to control the content provided to users would violate the principles of net neutrality and TRAI would step in to ensure that they are upheld.

DoT Panel On Net Neutrality Opposes Internet .org But Favors Airtel Zero

The report added that collaborations between content providers and telecom operators that create a gate-keeper should be discouraged. Internet.org is now open to all developers but is still present only to user’s of Relaince’s network. Airtel Zero has drawn a lot of flak and it’s approval will find a lot of resistance from Net Neutrality activists.

Indian Govt Report On Net Neutrality To Be Out Soon

The Indian government is currently waiting for telecom regulator TRAI’s take on the issue. The issue of Net Neutrality took over Indian social media streams after Zero Rating services such as Airtel Zero broke cover. Majority of the public support has been in favour of banning Zero Rating services.

Facebook Opens Up Internet.org To All Developers; Wards Off Anti-Net Neutrality Sentiment

The move comes soon after the Internet.org initiative was targeted for being anti net neutrality because it provided access only to a select number of websites and services. Facebook claimed that it chose the previous group of partners in order to build a simple and data efficient offering, however since consumer choice is of great importance, it is opening up the platform to other developers.

COAI Says Its #SabkaInternet Campaign Garnered Support From 40 Lakh People

The controversial campaign was started on April 22, and was widely accused of not making the COAI’s support of Zero Rating services clear. The COAI used SMS and voice calls to gather the public’s support, and says it intentionally used the medium in order to reach users who might not yet have access to the Internet. The COAI added that over 40 lakh people showed support for the cause, while a little over 10% chose to opt out.

Anonymous India Brings Down TRAI Website Citing Email ID Privacy Lapse

TRAI released a list of nearly a million email IDs from which it received responses for Net Neutrality. Anonymous claimed responsibility of the attack, claiming it did so through a DDoS attack and was close to hacking the site. The public has taken to twitter to protest how TRAI could slip up and make such a large number of email IDs public, and open to attack from spammers and other offenders.

COAI: Supporting Zero Rating Services Is Supporting Net Neutrality

The COAI has launched its #sabkainternet campaign which borders on tricking people into rooting for zero rating services as supporting net neutrality. While there’s nothing wrong with the COAI pushing the agenda for zero rating services, the way the campaign has been structured is nothing short of being shady.