Magic Eden, Polygon partner to accelerate the development of blockchain games

With the help of the expansion, Magic Eden will be able to support Polygon’s community of game designers and makers. “The integration will allow us to onboard more global brands and new users into the NFT marketplace,” said Magic Eden co-founder.

Some of the largest web3 game companies, including Ubisoft, Atari, Animoca Brands, Decentraland, and Sandbox, are housed on the Polygon network.

Toy company Mattel launches NFT marketplace

The first toy brand to enter the digital collectibles market, Mattel previously published Hot Wheels NFT Garage, which saw success in its first three iterations.

The Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 4 release, which will be the first Mattel Digital Collectible to debut on the new market, is now scheduled for December 15.

Rockstar bans NFTs in GTA Online

Rockstar emphasised that community-driven servers cannot allow “commercial exploitation,” which prohibits players from trading in-game goods for real money, specifically calling out the sale of NFTs.

Although the GTA Online community may not now be concerned about NFTs, this at least establishes a precedent for Rockstar’s future online projects.

Sony files blockchain-related patent to track digital assets with NFTs

Sony applied for a patent in 2021 for a system that tracks digital assets in video games using blockchain technology—specifically NFTs. The patent was made public on November 10, 2022.

The patent would allow gamers to own unique in-game assets and collectibles from their favourite esports stars.

CR7 x Binance: Cristiano Ronaldo to launch NFT collection on Binance

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first NFT collection will be available on Friday, November 18 as part of an exclusive, multi-year partnership with Binance.

The inaugural Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection will feature seven animated statues with four rarity levels. Each NFT statue depicts Ronaldo in an iconic moment from his life, from career-defining bicycle kicks to his childhood in Portugal.

Yuga Labs acquires Beeple’s 10KTF and NFT platform Wenew

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) creators acquired the artist’s NFT platform Wenew and its flagship NFT collection 10KTF. Beeple will become an advisor to the company.

10KTF is an interoperable digital storefront where holders from top NFT collections such as BAYC, Cool Cats and Moonbirds can mint and collect one-of-a-kind NFTs featuring their digital avatar on digital wearables.

BitsCrunch, Cointelegraph team up to bring NFT data analytics tools to masses

The partnership will extensively utilize BitsCrunch’s newly launched product, ‘Unleash NFTs,’ an AI-based NFT analytics dashboard that provides in-depth analysis, research and statistics into the NFT ecosystem.

CoinTelegraph will utilize BitsCrunch’s artificial intelligence and cross-chain forensics tools for its upcoming historical NFT collection – a series of non-fungible tokens that feature the media outlet’s notable articles.

OpenSea debuts tool that helps NFT creators enforce royalties on-chain

Marketplace giant OpenSea laid out the first of a suite of tools for its users this weekend, allowing creators of new NFT collections to enforce royalties on-chain.

These may include continuing to enforce off-chain fees for some subsets of collections, allowing optional creator fees or collaborating on other on-chain enforcement options for creators.

MetaQuants rolls out real-time appraisal algorithm for NFTs

In a bid to facilitate real-time collateral appraisal for NFTs, marketplace, and wallet analytics, Nexo-backed MetaQuants, a provider of NFT solutions, has unveiled its algorithm product.

The alpha version of the new algorithm product is designed to aid NFT lending, market, overpricing, and market manipulation penalties.

Kraken launches new ‘gasless’ marketplace hosting 70 Ethereum, Solana NFT collections

The new marketplace has been designed from the ground up to be the most secure and accessible marketplace in the non-fungible ecosystem. Currently, the marketplace is only available to those who joined the product’s waitlist back in May.

It will initially host over 70 Ethereum and Solana-based NFT collections, and will also allow customers to store their NFTs on Kraken at no extra cost.

Web3 browser Opera rolls out NFT analytics tool DegenKnows

Web3 browser Opera has launched DegenKnows, a new non-fungible token (NFT) analytics, tracking and exploration tool that includes on- and off-chain analytics.
DegenKnows is intended to provide users with off-chain data from social media sources, including Twitter and Discord. More specifically, users can see Twitter feeds from the project’s key opinion leaders and official accounts.

Creators will soon be able to make and sell NFTs to fans on Instagram

The new ability is expected to be an “end-to-end toolkit” that allows creators to create, showcase, and sell their own NFTs on Instagram.

Once created, fans would then be able to purchase these NFTs directly in the app. The ability to make and sell what Meta refers to as “digital collectibles” on Instagram, is not widely available yet.

MetaMask partners with NFTBank to roll out NFT portfolio value tracker

The new feature will bring updated pricing information for the over 5,000 NFT collections held by MetaMask users.

The utility comes as a result of a partnership with NFTBank, an NFT portfolio management tool and valuation engine. To create its predictions, NFTBank uses machine learning algorithms which update users with price estimates for individual NFTs within a collection.

MOOAR: STEPN creator Find Satoshi Lab introduces new NFT marketplace

Find Satoshi Lab is launching MOOAR to empower traders and creators ​​through a unique membership model with zero platform fees and no optional royalties.

The marketplace will enable community members to create and launch their own collections on MOOAR’s launchpad, which is run like a community-driven hackathon.


Visa auctions off NFTs depicting historic goals ahead of World Cup

Visa is releasing five soccer-themed NFTs to help raise money for charity. During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the company also will let attendees create their own digital art.

Starting Tuesday, the digital payments company will auction off five NFTs, which feature World Cup goals from Jared Borgetti, Tim Cahill, Carli Lloyd, Michael Owen, and Maxi Rodríguez.

GameStop’s NFT marketplace goes live on Immutable X

GameStop’s NFT marketplace is live on Immutable X, a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling protocol.  All transactions will forgo fees and offer carbon-neutral minting using Immutable X’s Ethereum scaling.

GameStop’s marketplace will offer assets for Immutable X games, such as Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians and Illuvium, in addition to other web3 games.