Government re-iterates warning for online shoppers

The Government has warned online shoppers against falling for fake websites with products offering overly high discounts. The government has warned shoppers that this could be a trap set by scammers to steal their money. CyberDost, the safety and cyber security awareness Twitter handle set up by the ministry of home affairs has issued this warning.  Cyberdost has also asked shoppers to avoid financial transactions on such websites. Earlier, Cyberdost had shared 4 tips with online shoppers on how to secure their online account and avoid online fraud.

Indian beauty consumers go digital

With COVID and its related lockdowns, Indian beauty consumers are going online for shopping, advice and inspiration in record numbers. As per a latest survey, over 80% of Indian beauty consumers are digitalizing all their fashion needs. This shift could be the result of more people engaging in social media and the visual medium ruling the roost. The beauty industry is now sprinting towards the 1 trillion mark.