All things Startups and Engineering: Introducing #ProductgeeksConf speaker, Ajey Gore of Sequoia Capital

Startups are an act of balance – especially in the early days when you are setting up the foundation for scale.

Are you spending the right amount of effort in engineering? Are you *over-engineering* the product? How can you get the architecture right? Well, there are no right or wrong answers – but all we need is access to great perspectives.

As part of Productgeeks Conf, we bring you Ajey Gore, CTO/tech operating partner at Sequoia and ex-CTO of Gojek to really bring you actionable wisdom on engineering. Some of the topics Ajey will discuss:

  • Approach to software architecture
  • Approach to building the right engineering and people org.
  • Build decision/models around people / engg orgs.
  • Understanding what are 1-way, 2-way decisions.
  • TTL value of decisions and people in the organization.
  • Build vs Buy vs. Assemble decisions.
    and a lot more.

Date: Dec 17th
Timing: 6 – 7 PM
Perfectly Ideal for founders, engineering and product leadership teams.
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Accelerating your product GTM for Bharat: Introducing #ProductgeeksConf speaker, Vivek of Reverie

Building for Bharat market is tough, especially given the challenges in translating your product in different languages.

More importantly, how is Bharat market evolving and what are the key trends in this space? Next up in Productgeeks Conf – Vivek Pani, Cofounder and CTO of Reverie sharing key insights on how to accelerate your GTM for the Bharat market.

Date: Dec 15
Timing: 7 PM onwards
Format: Audio / Interactive (on FWD app)
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Building and Scaling: The Zerodha way: AMA with Kailash Nadh, Zerodha CTO #Productgeeks Conf

Zerodha defies all standard norms of building a tech startup. While the world is going gaga over number of engineers, Zerodha builds and scales with..well just a handful of engineers.

30 member team (as of 2020), powering the country’s largest stock brokerage platform.

A lot of stack is open-source based. And yeah, not much of AI/ML 🙂

What are the guiding principles of Zerodha – from tech and product perspective? What makes it so scalable (remember, it isn’t about the tech, but the philosophy behind it).

Kailash Nadh, CTO of Zerodha is going to share it all in an AMA on Productgeeks Conf, India’s largest conference for teams that ship.

Date: December 10th
Timing: 7 – 8 PM IST
Format: Audio conf, on FWD app
Pricing: Free
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From Kailash’s post

That a 30 member tech team has built and scaled a complex financial + stock broking stack from the ground up, built a whole suite of financial software for end users that people actually appreciate in an extremely complex, constraining, and rapidly changing regulatory environment, with zero prior industry knowledge, is quite a feat. More of an anomaly than a feat. I, however, find it natural and poignant that a group of hackers in the right environment guided by the right philosophies can be incredibly creative and productive, even in a place as unfashionable and uncool as the Indian stock broking industry. What used to be the norm—small groups of hackers building good software—has now transmogrified into being the exception.

Kailash Nadh, from his 2020 blogpost.

Announcing Productgeeks Conf: First 3 days agenda

India’s largest product conference, Productgeeks Conf begins today. The conf, built as a product has been reimagined from first principle-thinking – virtual, and audio-based.

The conf starts from Dec 1st and will continue till Dec 17th – bringing you one great speaker every day, 7 PM IST!

The format is largely AMA based and is going to be extremely interactive – and will bring you the best practitioners across different industries, right from consumertech to SAAS.

This week, we have 3 amazing speakers lined up for you.

Ranjeet | Cofounder Pratilipi
Dec 1 (Wed) | 7 PM IST

Pratilip’s journey of finding PMF, building a strong product culture.

Kirti | CPO, Meesho
Dec 2 (Thu) | 7 PM IST

On building a customer-obsessed product culture

Mohit | Cofounder, Ultrahuman
Dec 3 (Fri) | 7 PM IST

On building a global consumer product

Introducing Productgeeks Conf speaker: Meesho CPO, Kirti Varun

Meesho is known for its strong customer-obsessed product culture. While it might work in the early days, how do you scale that up given the hypergrowth Meesho is going through?

How do you work across different teams ensuring they are all aligned? How do you ensure customer obsession? Meesho CPO, Kirti Varun is sharing it all @ProductGeeks Conf, India’s largest conference for product + engg teams.

Date: December 2 (Thu)
Timing: 7 PM
Format: Audio, Interactive.
Ticket price: Free for you. Invite your friends too!
The conference is spread over 15 days (Mon-Fri, 7 PM IST) and brings some of the best practitioners from the industry.

Introducing ProductGeeks Conf Speaker: Ultrahuman Founder, Mohit

At Productgeeks Conf, we aim to bring you a variety of insights from the practitioners out there.

World’s first audio conference, Productgeeks conf starts from Dec 1st and will continue till Dec 17th (Mon-Fri, 7-8 PM IST) – with a bunch of amazing speakers and a lot of actionable insights.

Introducing Conf speaker: Mohit Kumar, Cofounder of Ultrahuman

Ultrahuman is among the new breed of startups targeting global consumer market and has taken a very different stand when it comes to building a health product – i.e. the cyborg tracker.

At Productgeeks Conf, Mohit will share the early days of product hypothesis, validation, experiments, and launching a global consumer product.

Date: December 3
Timing: 7 PM – 8 PM IST
Format: Audio, Interactive.
Ticket price: Free for you.
Invite your friends too!

Conf Agenda

Who else is speaking at Productgeeks Conf?

Announcing Productgeeks Conf Speaker: Pratilipi founder, Ranjeet

Productgeeks conf, world’s first audio-conf brings you the best product+growth minds from across the globe with a single focus -> enabling you to build and grow product-led businesses.

We are happy to introduce Productgeeks Conf speaker: Pratilipi founder, Ranjeet.

The audio conf is designed as an interactive AMA and Ranjeet’s session will primarily focus on finding product-market fit, running experiments, building the right culture and leadership lessons.

Date: December 1st, 7 PM onwards.
Conf dates: Dec 1 – 17, 7 PM IST (one hour daily)
Format: Audio : live/interactive
(in partnership with FWD, the learning app)
Registration : Free
Agenda/Speakers: More on your way (speaker nomination ends Nov 29th).

Announcement: Productgeeks Conf is open for speaker nominations [Deadline: Nov 29th]


Productgeeks Conf, world’s first audio conf is now open for speaker nomination !

Starting Dec 1st, Productgeeks Conf will bring to you the best product minds from across the globe – everyday for one hour in the most intimate format, i.e .audio.

Date: Dec 1st to 17th
Mon- Sat, 7 PM (one hour daily)
Format: Audio (in partnership with FWD, the learning app)

As with any NextBigWhat initiative, this conf will be community driven and we are opening up the speaker nomination form for you to nominate yourself!

At a high level, the conf will have 2 themes:

Zero to 1: Building 0 to 1 products, Finding Product Market Fit, Finding Traction Channels and more..
One to N: Building Leadership TeamsBuilding product-led growth business and more..

Apply as a speaker

We strictly follow a ‘NO SAGE ON THE STAGE’ philosophy.

You are as much a learner as a speaker – so share experience, and not gyaaawn.

If you are in for it, the deadline to apply as a speaker for ProductGeeks Conf is Nov 29. Please use the form below.