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A 10 person agency does not need a full time CFO …

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Cut legal costs using SelfLawyer, a legaltech startup

Only 20% of consumers in the U.S. can afford an attorney. …

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Get all your packaging needs sorted at one-stop with this Mumbai based startup

Packaging is always a tricky business for companies, be it startups …

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Get Custom Picture Frame on FrameIT, Singapore Based Startup

Looking for a custom picture frame and want to avoid going …

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This Indian startup generates drinking water from thin air !

The topic of water scarcity has always been discussed from marking …

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Will it fit me? Bangalore startup, Size n Fit provides online trial room to shoppers

Size n Fit helps shoppers find the apparel that fit, turning …

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This Bangalore startup has launched a resort only for pets

Petcart, a fully integrated pet care solutions company has launched “Petcart …

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This Indian shoe startup uses natural renewable fiber: You stay warm in winters and cool in the summer !

Most innovations in India are usually geared towards lower price points, …

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This startup is simplifying classifieds with ‘intent’

Connecting the right customers to the right business/service provided seems like …

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Anil Kumble’s startup launches an AI-enabled cricket bat

Broadcasting has influenced cricket enormously over the past few decades. With …

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This Canadian AI startup compresses photos by 90%

The cloud storage needs of the average user is growing each …

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Valuer helps corporates track startups

Valuer is all about the perfect match between the agile startup …

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