Why a prize idiot like Rahul Yadav is precisely the kind of startup hero India deserves

As a startup nation, we have always been somewhat enamoured by …

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Rahul Yadav Raises Funding From Bansals; Pisses Off Married People

While Rahul wants to avoid institutional funds (for now), he definitely …

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Rahul Yadav On Bigg Boss 9 ? Hell Yeah !

There are speculations that Rahul Yadav, the ex-CEO of Housing is …

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How To Read Rahul Yadav Saga In The Right Context

What Housing today is, is not because of our product, not …

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Housing Hacked !

Housing.com has been hacked. The site is currently down for maintenance. …

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Rahul Yadav : Totally UnPluggd.

When we met him @UnPluggd, he shared the grand plans and …

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Rahul Yadav Fired From Housing [Updated]

The Housing Board, unanimously agreed to bring Yadav's tenure to a …

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Introducing UnPluggd Speaker : Rahul Yadav, Housing Founder

Not many know that Rahul, who hails from Alwar in Rajasthan …

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An Open Letter To Rahul Yadav Of Housing

And you would know better than me about the transient …

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“Mentally dropped out of IIT in 2nd year” : Housing’s Rahul Yadav On Sequoia, IIT And Porsche Cayenne

I think I mentally dropped out of IIT in 2nd year. …

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