Rahul Yadav On Bigg Boss 9 ? Hell Yeah !

There are speculations that Rahul Yadav, the ex-CEO of Housing is going to be a part of the upcoming Bigg Boss, one of the most controversial tv series. This isn’t yet confirmed, but quite clear from Rahul’s FB updates that the talk is on with the channel.

How To Read Rahul Yadav Saga In The Right Context

What Housing today is, is not because of our product, not because of our marketing budgets, its because of the People! The very people who laid the foundation of the company. The people who spent sleepless nights and put their hard work from last 3 years in the company.

Rahul Yadav : Totally UnPluggd.

When we met him @UnPluggd, he shared the grand plans and candidly answered a whole lot of questions around funding, team and ofcourse, the menu scanner.

Rahul Yadav Fired From Housing [Updated]

The Housing Board, unanimously agreed to bring Yadav’s tenure to a close, with reference to his behaviour towards investors, ecosystem and the media. The Board believed that his behavior is not befitting of a CEO and is detrimental to the company, known for its innovative approach to product development, market expansion and brand building.