Roadrunnr Forced To Rename As Runnr After A Legal Recourse Over IPR

Hyper local delivery startup Roadrunnr have been forced to change the Brand name to Runnr after an unknown company filed a lawsuit against Roadrunnr over an intellectual property right.

Roadrunnr will also change their domain name to When the original is clicked it redirects and show a message ‘The Website you are looking for is getting upgraded. Meanwhile f you wish to reach out Carthero Technologies….,.

However Mohit Kumar who is co-founder of the company said that they were experimenting with the names.

In the past too Roadrunnr had landed up in the controversy where its office was vandalize by a group of protesters.

RoadRunnr Forced To Change Brand Name To Runnr [#LegalBattles]

Logistics startup Roadrunnr which last raised $11mn funding has been forced to change the brand name from Roadrunnr to Runnr, owing to a lawsuit.

Roadrunnr Lawsuit
Roadrunnr Lawsuit

While the company hasn’t shared the details of who has filed the lawsuit against them, we believe it could be Time Warner Cable’s (a media property).

For now, Roadrunnr has moved to a new brand + domain name,

We earlier reported on how Grofers has been struggling through a legal case from Groffr, a real estate startup.

Roadrunnr was earlier in a controversy surrounding protest from its delivery boys.

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RoadRunnr : It Was A Planned Attack

We earlier covered how RoadRunnr delivery boys protested against the new compensation policy and damaged the company office.

Roadrunnr Boys Protesting Against The Company Policy
Roadrunnr Boys Protesting Against The Company Policy

We spoke with RoadRunnr cofounder, Mohit and here are some of the details he has shared.

For the context, Roadrunnr changed its compensation model from per hour based payment to number of deliveries based payment and here is what the company tells us:

  • The new payout is not Rs 35 per order as falsely communicated in the article.It is Rs 45 for non peak hour and Rs 55 for peak hour orders.
  • Additionally there are daily incentives like:
    INR Rs 100 for 3 orders per day.
    INR Rs 700 for 15 orders in a week

So if a driver does only 3 orders a day as stated in the article: he would make (55*3*30)+(100*30)+2800= Rs 10,750

Fact: 96% of drivers do above 6 orders a day. Making their payout close to Rs 20,000/ a month.

Fact #2: No impact in the operations

Our operations didn’t get affected at all yesterday. We have 850 people who login regularly and yesterday’s turnout was 830+. This obviously means that these guys are a limited set who don’t want to work and create a ruckus.

Fact #3: The mob didn’t belong to RoadRunnr

The CCTV footage clearly shows how violent some of these guys were and to our surprise they didn’t even belong to our fleet. Very clearly this is a planned attack.

Also, the company recently decided to skip the agency from which they were hiring these delivery boys and instead, is doing direct hires – which could have added to the flame.

For sure, the Indian ecosystem is maturing up and all this is part of *growing up* !

Some Startups Are Celebrating Diwali With Unique Initiatives [Roundup]

Startups are celebrating Diwali with new and environment friendly initiatives this year which truly deserves a thumbs up!

Between November 9 and 15, PepperTap will offer a chance to its customers to associate with its Diwali campaign. As a part of its Share2Care campaign, it has tied up with non profit organisation MakeADifference in Hyderabad and Uplabdhi in Delhi to allow customers to donate clothes, stationery and toys.


Navneet Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, PepperTap said, “After a thorough house cleaning, a lot of people are left with stuff that they don’t need – stationery, old clothes and toys that the children have outgrown. By associating with MakeADifference and Uplabdhi, we will pick up stuff that our customers want to donate from their doorstep and pass it on to the less fortunate. This CSR initiative is an attempt to make the festival special for everyone!”

Roadrunnr, a hyperlocal logistics company will be celebrating a Green Diwali by distributing plantable bookmarks with almost every delivery they make on November 11th and 12th. The bookmarks will be gifted in packed biodegradable envelopes. and will be given with every order across Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai.


Customers can use the plantable bookmarks and plant it in a pot as per instructions printed on the envelope and in 10 days they can look forward to a small plant blooming.

Roadrunnr will also gift merchants it works with, bamboo plants in customized pots. These can be placed on the reception of their restaurants adding to the ambience and showing their support for a green Diwali.

Know more of these? Do let us know and we’ll add up.

Zero-Emissions Delivery? Roadrunnr Is Piloting Use Of Electric Scooters

Seven-month-old hyperlocal logistics startup Roadrunnr is piloting the use of electric scooters to make delivery runs. The company is testing the service with 15 scooters and plans to scale up the service to 100 vehicles this month.

The electric scooters have been sourced from Bangalore-based Go GreenBOV, come with a 10-year warranty and have inbuilt GPS. Roadrunnr says using electric scooters has helped reduced fuel costs from Rs 300 to Rs 10 per day.

Currently most delivery executives utilize their own vehicles, but the scheme will allow Roadrunnr to onboard delivery personnel without bikes. Further, each electric scooter has a range of 120 km and even the initial cost of buying them is reduced through government subsidies of up to Rs 29,000.

Roadrunnr raised $11 million in Series A funding led by Sequoia Capital, Nexus Venture Partners and Blume Ventures in July 2015. The company is now expanding its service to more cities, growing its delivery network and enhancing its technology.