Automatically create how to guides with screenshots using Tango

It’s really that easy. Users click ‘capture’ and we do the rest – Tango captures your workflow, generating screenshots and automated descriptions of your processes.

Users can make edits, add highlights to screenshots, and blur sensitive information. Users can also share workflows as a web page, PDF, or integrate it with existing tools. Our Magic Copy feature lets you paste a Tango into the tools your team already uses.

Available for download on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

SaaS Metrics That Matter

The starting point for understanding a SaaS business is revenue growth – the best proof of product-market fit.

Dollar Retention takes expansion revenue into account, and can be greater than 100% if expansion exceeds churned and contracted revenue.

Logo Retention: Logo Retention measures the percent of customers that stay active. As a result, Logo Retention is usually much lower than Dollar Retention.

MRR or ARR: Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) is the standard for SaaS companies that sell annual subscription contracts, or Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) for those selling monthly subscriptions. If your company sells both, choose the metric that represents the majority of revenue. ARR is always 12 x MRR. Note the requirement that the contract is “recurring” (ongoing); one-time revenue, such as for


HubSpot approaches $1 Billion in ARR; Here are important lessons for SAAS founders

Hubspot is aiming to cross $1 billion in ARR in 2020 (with an ACV of $10K). What you can learn from their super sustained growth? Here are some data points:
– Freemium remains the source of 60% of HubSpot’s customers, even at almost $1b in ARR.
– International is 40% of revenues today and a growth accelerator.
– Even with more products, ACV still at ~$10k at 69,000 customers.
– 40% of their revenue comes from partners and the channel
– Even with more products, ACV still at ~$10k at 69,000 customers


Driving SaaS Success Using Key Metrics

David Skok, a General Partner at Matrix, provides key insights into how a SAAS company should look for success by using its metrics and smartly managing the most important ones amongst them. SAAS economics is a pretty complicated business, and in this talk for Saastr, David helps break down many vital concepts.

Key Takeaways:

  1. 3 most important outputs from your SAAS business to ensure success: a. Growth b. Profitability c. Cash.
  2. Your LTV should be three times greater than your CAC.
  3. Try and achieve ‘expansion revenue’ by upselling. Have multiple versions on offer or charge on usage eg. Dropbox with storage and Hubspot with leads.
  4. ‘Months to recover CAC’ is one of the most important metrics you need to focus on.
  5. High CAC is fine if you have high LTV, especially with sales processes that are complex.

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Natero helps SAAS companies with their customer success management

Customer Success relates to helping customers ‘succeed’ with the product – thereby increasing their lifetime value to the company. It has grown in importance both as a position and a domain amongst SAAS companies.

Natero is a be data-centric platform ,built specifically to meet the challenges of ‘Customer Success Managers’. It was founded on the premise that modern SaaS businesses need actionable data in the hands of Customer Success professionals.

Natero helps Customer Success Managers prevent churn, increase account expansion, and manage more customers with less effort.


Location : Mountain View, California, USA
About the founding team : Craig Soules ,CEO & Co-founder and GARTH GOODSON ,Founder & CTO

Craig has over a decade of experience working on databases, information retrieval, storage and distributed systems. He received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon, and afterward spent 6 years at HP Labs leading research and development on a distributed database.


Garth has been building complex distributed systems for over 14 years.

After receiving his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon, Garth spent 8 years at NetApp as the founding member of the Advanced Technology Group within the CTO’s Office. While there, he spent his time researching, prototyping, and transferring new technologies to product. These topics ranged from Parallel NFS (pNFS), object-based content repositories, flash layout design, and policy-based management of data via tiering.


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Turn data from forms into branded PDFs with this tool

Jotform has launched a PDF Editor which does more than its name would suggest. It automatically turns data collected in a form into branded PDF documents with a design of your choice. It also allows you to automatically mail those PDF documents to the intended recipients when necessary, for e.g. invoices, application forms etc.

Jotform’s PDF Editor

JotForm’s PDF Editor automatically turns collected data into professional, great looking PDFs. Use PDF Editor to easily download, store, print, and share your documents.

San Francisco

About the founding team :
Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm, his twitter account is @aytekin.

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Get an advanced search engine for your site with this platform is a New Delhi based hosted search solution for websites, mobile applications and enterprise software. It claims to use advanced predictive analytics and language modeling algorithms to boost users time on site and their conversion by helping them find what they’re looking for faster. is a search technology that can easily integrate with websites and mobile apps to provide an Amazon/Flipkart like search experience without writing any code. Our customers get access to an analytics dashboard that monitors user behaviour, tracking keyword frequency and other metrics.


New Delhi

About the founding team:
The company is founded by Delhi College of Engineering alumni (2007 batch) in 2016. They used to work in Indus Valley Partners, a hedge fund technology provider, earlier.

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Make tagging your Facebook ads a breeze with this tool

EasyAutoTagging is a digital marketing solution that allows users to automate the process of tagging Facebook ads with URL parameters. It also features the ability to integrate with Google Analytics, making it simple to import necessary data without any manual intervention.

Teams can also set privileges and allow users to control specific accounts only to minimize errors.


EasyAutoTagging is a platform-agnostic product to automate campaign tagging, tracking & aggregation at scale.

Tagging conventions can be controlled and synchronized across an agency on the account level allowing all URLs to get tagged dynamically and consistently.

New York, NY, USA

About the founding team :

Gabe is a full stack digital marketer who specializes in multi-channel PPC and Data Analytics.

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Mobile Marketing for Apps – How To Acquire, Engage and Retain Users

AppGain is an Egypt based startup that offers a mobile marketing platform for user acquisition, retention, and engagement. It features deep links, event triggers for user flows and notifications via push, SMS, mail, and web. It also offers cloud app backend-as-a-service via the open source Parse platform.



It is a platform for App Growth with quick action points Acquire, Activate, Retain mobile app users through deep linking, messaging, and mobile marketing automation

App Backend (MBAAS), powered by Parse Server, help developers to set up, use and operate a mobile app backend in a minute. Built on AWS Infra, Kubernetes, Mongo fastest engine Rocks DB,  benefits like auto-scaling, automated backups, Push Notification conversion tracking and more without any hassles.



About the founding team:
Mohamed Shaheen an Egyptian entrepreneur and the founder of

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Keep your product features on track with Bullet Train

Bullet Train allows you to implement feature toggles for your product that will allow you to turn features on and off as and when necessary without deploying new code. It also has remote config features that allows you to set properties for those features in case of complex requirements. This would allow non-technical teams to toggle features and/or test out certain features with sets of users for feedback. Teams could also roll out features gradually to gauge the effects. Bullet Train is also open source which should make it attractive to many developers.

Bullet Train

Startups and enterprises use Bullet Train to manage their feature flags and remote config which are used to change the behaviour, design and config of their apps without extra building, meaning they can ship fast, test fast, fix fast, and iterate fast.

We’re 100% Open Source.


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Keep an eye on any website with obserWise

obserWise is a nifty tool that allows you to take screenshots/snapshots of a website periodically based on set parameters and then sends you an email when a change occurs. This could be useful to those hunting for a deal on a shopping site, or someone following job listings on a particular page. You could also perhaps keep an eye on your competitors pricing and be updated when a change occurs there. As is the case with many internet tools, users are able to find new use cases all the time. What would you use this for?


Emergence of the internet increased the pace of change in our lives. Hence, missing out from an information you care become a fear for both people and businesses. Obserwise takes screenshots from the page you want to monitor periodically and sends an e-mail notification to you as a change occurs.



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The 3 3 2 2 2 rule of SAAS growth

The rule of thumb for growth rate expectations at a successful SaaS company being managed for aggressive growth is 3, 3, 2, 2, 2: starting from a material baseline (e.g. over $1 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR)), the business needs to triple annual revenues for two consecutive years and then double them for three consecutive years. A funded SaaS business which consistently grows by 20% per year early in its life is likely a failure in the eyes of its investors.

Great piece of advice on different sales models for SAAS companies by Patrick of Stripe.

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