Spotify removes hundreds of comedians’ works from service over a royalties dispute

  • Spotify has removed hundreds of comedians’ works after they tried to push for a change in the way streaming services pay them royalties.
  • The audio streaming giant moved to drop comedians such as John Mulaney, Jim Gaffigan, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, and Mike Birbiglia from the platform last week.
  • After stalled negotiations with Spoken Giants, Spotify sent an email to the global rights company right before Thanksgiving, saying it was taking down the comedians’ content until an agreement could be reached.

Spotify is the latest company to try out a TikTok-style video feed.

  • Spotify is testing a new TikTok-style video feed in its beta iOS app that shows fullscreen video clips as songs are played, TechCrunch reports.
  • The feature was first spotted by Chris Messina, who posted a video of the feed-in action.
  • The Discover feed appears to build upon Spotify’s existing Canvas feature, where artists can have videos play alongside their music on the service.

Spotify listening trends are reflected in the stock market

  • For example, if a high consumer confidence index sees the stock market rise, this doesn’t necessarily suggest emotions directly affect the stock market.
  • Linking our sentiment measure with the stock markets, we find that higher music sentiment is associated with higher returns to a country’s stock market during the same week.
  • We do not suggest investors should calculate music sentiment and use it to predict the stock market.

Spotify to buy podcast ad platform Megaphone for $235 million, a podcast hosting company primarily provides podcast publishers tools and technology to distribute, monetize and measure their shows.

Spotify has released an official statement saying “the acquisition of Megaphone represents the next step in Spotify’s plan of expanding the possibilities of this intimate and screen-less medium”.

Spotify now planning to introduce a subscription-based podcast service

Popular music streaming application giant, Spotify is now planning to introduce subscription-based podcast service. This new service was explained in a survey sent out to to a few Spotify app users.

According to reports, Spotify plans to include a minimum of four new subscription plans which may range anywhere between USD 3 to USD 8 per month.

Behind Spotify’s Magical Recommendation Algorithm

I am awestruck with Spotify’s recommendation engine – the curation works much better than Apple, Amazon and pretty much everybody else.

What’s the magic behind Spotify’s recommendation algorithm? What makes it so special? Yes, it is machine learning et al – but why haven’t others like Apple, Amazon managed to beat Spotify at curation and personal recommendations?

There is more to Spotify than just algo.

Because of “never ending playlist”, how is Spotify impacting the musical world? Learn about all this (and more) in this collection.