Spotify to buy podcast ad platform Megaphone for $235 million

Megaphone, a podcast hosting company primarily provides podcast publishers tools and technology to distribute, monetize and measure their shows. Spotify has released an official statement saying “the acquisition of Megaphone represents the next step in Spotify’s plan of expanding the possibilities of this intimate and screen-less medium”.

Spotify now planning to introduce a subscription-based podcast service

Popular music streaming application giant, Spotify is now planning to introduce subscription-based podcast service. This new service was explained in a survey sent out to to a few Spotify app users. According to reports, Spotify plans to include a minimum of four new subscription plans which may range anywhere between USD 3 to USD 8 per month.

Behind Spotify’s Magical Recommendation Algorithm

I am awestruck with Spotify’s recommendation engine – the curation works much better than Apple, Amazon and pretty much everybody else. What’s the magic behind Spotify’s recommendation algorithm? What makes…