Ireland raises privacy question over Facebook smart glasses

Ireland’s data privacy regulator on Friday said it had asked Facebook to demonstrate that an LED indicator light on the social media giant’s newly launched smart glasses is “An effective means” to let people know they are being filmed or photographed.

The Irish regulator said it shares the concerns of the Italian Data Protection Regulator, the Garante, which asked Facebook for clarifications on Sept. 10 to assess the smart glasses for compliance with privacy laws.


Big Tech Has Made Billions Off the 20-Year War on Terror

  • Silicon Valley owes its existence to efforts stretching back to World War II and the Cold War to leverage military spending, state intervention, and protection from competition in the form of early grants, contracts, and government-backed monopolies.
  • According to the report, as Big Tech has increased its contracts with the federal government, it has also managed to edge out traditional military contractors such as Raytheon and Northop Grumman which have seen their contracts stabilize or decline in number since 2010.
  • In 2020, Microsoft was able to win a $230 million contract with the department and is angling itself to snatch up another $3.4 billion DHS cloud computing contract the agency announced this year as part of the $10 billion Pentagon cloud computing contract that was cancelled last year with the aim of splitting the work with Amazon.

Hackers leak passwords for 500,000 Fortinet VPN accounts

  • A threat actor has leaked a list of almost 500,000 Fortinet VPN login names and passwords that were allegedly scraped from exploitable devices last summer.
  • Yesterday, the threat actor created a post on the RAMP forum with a link to a file that allegedly contains thousands of Fortinet VPN accounts.
  • At the same time, a post appeared on Groove ransomware’s data leak site also promoting the Fortinet VPN leak.

Cognizant reaches $95 million settlement with US shareholders over India bribery allegations

  • Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp has reached a $95 million settlement to resolve a lawsuit accusing the information technology services company of defrauding shareholders by concealing bribes to officials in India.
  • Cognizant said it expected insurers to cover a substantial majority of the settlement payment.
  • In February 2019, Cognizant agreed to pay $25 million to settle a related US Securities and Exchange Commission civil probe.

PwC identifies top 3 cybersecurity priorities of Indian enterprises

  • PwC on Tuesday said it has identified top three cybersecurity priorities of Indian organisations – improving threat management capabilities, advancing Identity and Access Management solutions and securing the work-from-anywhere environment.
  • Next, of the executives who selected advancing IAM as one of their top three cyber security priorities, over 42% prioritised enhancement of these solutions.
  • Businesses are focusing on agile solutions for IAM-specific necessities and implementing various turnkey solutions, with over 39% and over 18% of the executives prioritising these measures respectively, PwC added.

IT firms choose multi-shore delivery to meet client needs

  • Indian IT services companies are opting for a multi-shore delivery model, a mix of onshore, nearshore, and offshore, to meet client needs in a digital world.
  • Wipro has delivery centres in nearshore locations such as Romania, Australia, and Brazil that helps in serving the fast-changing needs of the clients.
  • Tech Mahindra has built global delivery centres in the Philippines and development centres in the US, Europe, Canada, and Latin America.

Use e-documents only verified on DigiLocker:says DoT to telcos on self KYC

  • In its communication to the licensees, the DoT has said that for the self KYC process to be approved, all telecom service providers must, on their respective mobile applications, provide customers an option to log in with a separate one-time-password being generated for each log in.
  • The DoT has also said that only documents that have been electronically issued and verified by the respective authority on DigiLocker can be used for the self KYC process.
  • Currently, customers have to visit the point of sale designated by telcos with printed copies of valid documents along with copies of their photographs.

Tech Mahindra gets AWS Level 1 managed security services provider status

  • Pune based information technology services major Tech Mahindra on Friday said it has received Amazon Web Services Level 1 Managed Security Service provider competency status.
  • The status certifies that Tech Mahindra has met AWS’s requirements for baseline managed security services to protect and monitor AWS resources.
  • Well-known level 1 MSSP companies in India include Wipro and Infosys, while globally AWS has 27 such level 1 partners, which includes the likes of Accenture, Atos, Capgemini, Infosys, Deloitte and Sophos, among others.

India’s newest billionaire is an IITian and founder of Pune-based tech firm

  • India’s newest billionaire is an IITian and founder of Pune-based tech firm.
  • Deshpande’s new billionaire status comes on the back of a significant rally in Persistent Systems shares this year.
  • In Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. As per Forbes, he pooled together around $21,000 from his savings and loans from his dad and friends to set up the database venture Persistent Systems in Pune.

IT firms turn to small-town India for talent, new hubs

  • Smaller towns such as Coimbatore, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, Madurai and Mysuru are witnessing a surge in technology jobs, as companies explore the option of employing skilled workers from these centres to meet a growing demand for technology talent.
  • Quess Corp., India’s largest staffing firm, has estimated a 15-20% surge in skilled workers from smaller cities looking to shift jobs.
  • The company is also witnessing a 20-30% increase in queries from companies looking to hire skilled workers from small towns.

China to ban some tech firms from listing overseas

  • China plans to ban foreign IPOs for tech firms with data security risks: report.
  • How it will work: All internet firms planning to list their shares outside China would be asked to voluntarily apply for reviews with the powerful Cybersecurity Administration of China.
  • Beijing said last month that it planned to strengthen supervision of all firms listed abroad, after conducting a cybersecurity investigation into ride-hailing giant Didi Global just days after its US listing.

6 Best Online Team Collaboration Tools For Startups

6 Best Online Team Collaboration Tools For Start-Ups A Thread… #startup #digitaltools
1. Trello This tool is excellent for checking what a team member is working on and what particular stage tasks are in. Trello can be integrated with third-party apps like Slack, Google Drive, and Evernote.
2. Slack Slack is primarily a versatile team messaging app. It is a mobile and desktop app that allows you to send direct messages and files to a particular person or group. It can organise chats into channels for a specific topic, project, department, or company.
3. Asana Asana is an ideal collaboration tool for startup teams. The app allows you to create and manage to-do lists for their current and future projects and track their employees’ work assignments and progress.
4. Podio Podio is a newcomer in the pool of online collaboration tools but is quite efficient in getting work done. It is a great way to facilitate collaboration and communication among teams, allowing them to organize large projects and assign tasks.
5. Microsoft 365 Formerly known as Office 365, this tool is one of a kind for online collaboration. Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s collection of cloud-based office tools. All the tools are extremely capable and easy to use.
6. Flock Flock is an online collaboration application with essential productivity tools. It provides unlimited individual and group messaging and an archive for up to 10,000 searchable messages. It allows 10 public channels and 5 GB of total file storage space per team.

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9 Tools For Your Mobile App Startup

» NextBigWhat’s #Threadmill brings you curated wisdom from Twitter threads on product, life and growth.

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#StartupResources: How To Make It As A Solo Founder?
#LeadershipDevelopment: What Great Leaders Should Do (And What They Should Not!)
#StartupResources: Tips To Stay Organized And Productive!
Why You Shouldn’t Raise Too Much Capital Before Finding Your Product Market Fit?

How A Comment On A LinkedIn Post Got Me A Job!

Today I will tell you all how I transitioned from the health field to tech and how a comment on gokada’s LinkedIn post got me a job. Thread
Anything worth doing is worth doing well. A quote that has always made me give my 100% in everything I do.  Here is my journey from the health field to tech and how I have faired so far.  My first degree was in physiology.  Then I did masters in public health,
but I have always had the passion  for innovations, I have always wanted to create products that solves problems in an unprecedented way. I had this ability to figure out solutions for any problem if I sleep over it.
My friends jokingly call me  Einstein those days back  in the University, actually I think they were mocking me tho, But the ability to  think out new unique ways to approach existing methodologies  was like a gift to me. I remember when I had an idea like uber….
far back 2015, I entered for an Etisalat idea challenge and won a phone for this idea, I was also called to Lagos business school to pitch this idea, but been young and inexperienced I went there and pitched a different business idea…
Seeing uber and bolt now makes me smile as it validates my  creativity and innovative mind. After 2015 I began to have an unquenchable desire to create stuffs, but I didn’t know how to code, all I could do was write a pitch…..
So for a why I started looking at every business model out there and figuring out how they can  improve and writing it down as business plans. After my NYSC, I couldn’t get a job and after  searching for a while I decided to  do my masters…
but during this process I was already drafting out ideas on how  to disrupt industries such as  fintech, transportation, logistics, e-commerce and so many more, my problem as that point  was how to get an investor to pay  for the development of any of my  ideas…
trust me getting an investor  was  impossible.  I knew at a point that I needed  to transition to tech and leave the health field, but how was I going  to do it. Under the recent governor of Edo state a tech hub was created in Edo state, the Edo innovation hub
When I found out about this platform with different opportunities for Edo state people to become skilled in tech I jumped at it with everything in me. I first started with data science skill and then learnt business development and at a point I could now write superb business
superb business plans, pitch decks, market strategies and financial statements and also curate and analyze data to substantiate the problems I was solving and support the need for my solutions. I was getting somewhere in the tech space, and finally bringing my ideas to life…
I knew this was not all I could offer,  my desire to build solutions kept growing as I kept creating business plans upon business plans putting  down all my ideas from development to operations. I needed to work in a tech company because to me at this point I had solutions for
every business sector and I knew I was going to be a valuable asset for any company. But my degree been in health field was really affecting  my chance of getting a job in a  tech company.
Whatever you do in this life be good at it. This is a thread on how I got a job because of a comment I made on gokada’s post on LinkedIn. Thread #BlackTechTwitter #startup #entrepreneur #business #founders #futureofwork #FollowFriday
On that faithful day I made a comment on gokada’s post on LinkedIn on how they can increase revenue with a new business idea, that post changed my life. First I got a message from a white man on LinkedIn asking me to talk to him more about this idea of mine, and how he can come
Then I got a message from a tech startup founder in Nigeria who also asked me the same thing bt he was more enthusiastic abt the idea, I told him about the white man asking about the idea and he said I should forget the white man that he and I can build stuff together and own it
He asked me to go back on the gokada’s post and delete the business idea comment I made, that I should not be posting detailed business plan like this, that my comment had so many potential market edge strategies, from the way he sounded I could tell he was serious and really…
Wanted to work with me, so I deleted the comment, the next day I got another call from him and he officially gave me job offer, I was enticed by his offer because that was what I having been looking for all these years, someone with the capacity to build my product ideas….
I took his offer and got my second official job as business developer in a software development company although it was a startup at the time. At this time I was excellent in market analysis, business plan, pitch deck….
market strategies development and problem solving these skills made me valuable at the company but also made my job requirements and tasks voluminous, like I was the go to guy for every hiccups or problems, At a time I was functioning as if I was the co-founder of the company.
Working in a startup revieled to me that to actually bring an idea to life takes more that a well drafted business plan. We created business plans for businesses on how having their own software applications could help their business but most of these businesses could not…
picture their business existing as software or operating through an application, to better show them what we were offering, the need for a quick ux display of the solution application was needed, and at that time as a startup we couldn’t afford to start putting our designer on
every business idea pitch we were sending out, that will require him to design more than three application designs in a week with numerous screens, which was not feasible. I knew once again that it was up to me to see this through and thus my journey to ux designing began
I learnt ux designs still learning though, and was better able to show pictorial display of our business ideas and how the products intend to work for our clients. This was highly successful as we will got to develop applications for so many top companies in Lagos and…
Nigeria at large. My contribution to the company became so impressive my boss the CEO founder of the company decided to give me equity in his company. And a Las your boy became a part owner of a tech company.
I did not learn so many skills because I wanted to become a Jack of all trades, I did because my company a startup needed it, I wasn’t going to allow the startup fail because we couldn’t afford bringing extra hands on board, so I sacrificed my nights to cover up were we lacked..
At the end, everything I have learnt so far in my life helped build me into the person I’m today, working in a startup helped me develop vital improvising skills and today I am more confident in myself and my abilities. I can’t work for a company and it will fail, can’t allow it

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