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Make It As A Solo Founder

How to build a great life.

🧵 How to build a great life (17 things I’ve learned) I’ve run hard my whole life—always charging forward, rarely looking back. But 50 hits you different. It’s caused me to pause & reflect. ⬇️Lots of people have had more success in business & made more money than me. What I’ve done better...

20 Tips I wish I Could Give To My 20 Year Old Self!

90% of New Startups Fail; This Young Dude Has Got Notes

90% of new startups fail. Here are tips on how you can avoid startup failure:Issue: Poor Time Management How to avoid: Set goals. Know what you need and where you want to be ahead of time.Issue: Little to no Research How to avoid: You don’t need to know everything, but know a lot about the...